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If you want to ship your goods within the UK or abroad, you'll need all the essential shipping information.

From the basics like preparing a pallet to more complicated information about regulations and dangerous shipments, this page has all the shipping information you need.

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Customs Requirements

Commodity Codes

You'll need these codes to import and export within the EU. Look up VAT rates, duty and commodity codes from HMRC here:

Find Your Codes

Get an XI EORI Number

When you are shipping goods between GB and NI you will need to apply for an XI EORI number. Please follow the link below in order to apply:

Get XI EORI Number

Get an EORI Number

If you need to apply for an Economic Operator Registration & Identification (EORI) number, choose your option below:

Incoterms 2020

Incoterms define the terms of international trade and are essential shipping information for commercial traders. See below the Incoterms you're trading under.

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Import Duty Calculator

Calculate Duty & VAT for imports.

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Obtain a TSS Reference

If you are shipping goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, you will need to sign up for the Trade Support Service reference (TSS). Details below.

Get TSS Reference

General information

Prohibited & Restricted Terms

Are you delivering potentially prohibited goods? Click below to view the list of items that are prohibited or restricted from shipping.

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Dangerous Goods

Learn about the safe handling of items classed as "hazardous" or "dangerous". From packaging to documentation, we've got it covered.

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Freight Forwarding Services

Understand the relationship between freight forwarding services and freight forwards.

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Sea Freight vs Air Freight

There is much to consider when it comes to shipping via sea freight or air freight.

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Pallet2Ship Partners with Palletways

Pallet2ship has partnered with Palletways, one of the most successful carriers.

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Grow Your Business with Unparalleled Shipping

Find out how pallet delivery can help your business grow.

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Standard pallet vs Euro pallet

What is the difference between a Standard Pallet and a Euro Pallet?

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Wood pallets vs Plastic pallets

The advantages, disadvantages and environmental impact.

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What is the difference between a Full Container Load and Less than Container Load?

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What is the difference between a Full Truck Load and Less than Truck Load?

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Pallet vs Parcels

Which shipping method is best for you?

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Advantages of Freight Forwarder

The advantages of working with a freight forwarder

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Benefits of Freight Delivery

How freight delivery can work for your Business.

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Sustainable Pallet Shipping

How we can all make sustainable choices when shipping pallets.

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European Road Freight

Everything you need to know about European Road freight.

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European Pallet Delivery

Guide to European Pallet Delivery.

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Grow Your Business Through Importing and Exporting

Why Importing and Exporting is a crucial consideration for your business.

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How Pallet Delivery Works

The Ultimate Guide to the Pallet Delivery Process.

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Best Way to Ship Within the UK

Efficient UK Shipping: Parcel and Pallet Delivery Options

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Speed and Flexibility

Why Road Freight Is the Preferred Choice for Local Deliveries

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Connecting Continents

The Role of Sea Freight in Global Trade

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Demystifying Air Freight Paperwork

Essential Documents for Successful Shipments

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How Sea Freight Benefits Your Business

Expanding Your Market Across Continents

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Maximising Space

Tips for Optimising Pallet Loads

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Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions

Insights for Reliable Pallet Deliveries

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Air Vs Sea Vs Road Freight

Transportation methods for shipping goods globally

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Pallet Shipping to Amazon FBA

Planning a shipment to Amazon fulfilment centres

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Mastering Ocean Freight

Tips for Smooth and Efficient Shipments

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Air Freight Compliance

How We Handle Regulatory Complexities

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Road Freight Compliance

Ensuring Smooth and Legal Operations

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Fast Track to Global Trade

How Air Freight Keeps Business Soaring

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Road Freight's Impact

on Local Economies and Small Businesses

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The Economics of Pallet Deliveries

Saving Time and Money

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Going the Distance:

How Sea Freight Ensures Secure and Reliable Deliveries

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How to Prepare a Pallet

If you haven't sent a pallet before, here is everything you need to know about preparing your consignment.

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Shipping Personal Effects

Find out what you need to consider for stress-free shipping

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Shipping Large & Heavy Items

A guide to shipping large and heavy items.

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International Shipping

Things you need to know about international shipping.

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Sea Freight International Shipping Guide

The 7 key steps.

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Pallet Delivery Requirements

Find out what is required when shipping a pallet.

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Instructional Videos

Pallet2Ship's instructional videos on a range of topics.

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Insurance Calculator

Calculate insurance cost for your consignment.

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International Pallet Delivery Customs and Duty

Everything you need to know about customs clearance.

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Guide to Overseas Freight Shipping

The Ultimate Guide to Shipping Freight Overseas

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Brexit Info

Brexit Factsheet

Post-Brexit Trade Advice, Checklist & Factsheet for Businesses.

Brexit Advice

The Impact of Brexit on Import and Export Businesses.

Brexit Q&As

Frequently Asked Questions about BREXIT.

Freight Insights

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