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Guide to European Pallet Delivery

Pallet deliveries are a safe and cost-effective way to transport goods across Europe, and they open up a world of possibilities. Whether you're a business expanding into international markets or an individual sending a shipment abroad, the pallet shipping process is something which may interest you.

The first step you may consider is choosing a reliable shipping service that understands the implications of international deliveries. At Pallet2Ship, we guide our customers through the necessary steps, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Available Pallet Delivery Services

If you are planning your pallet collection from or to Europe, one of the first aspects you must decide upon is the shipping option you want to go for. Depending on your needs, the nature of the goods, and pallet sizes you can choose between Road Freight and Air Freight services.

Road Freight

The road freight service provides a reliable and efficient transportation solution to ship goods across the continent. With well-developed road networks and established trade routes, road freight offers a flexible and cost-effective option for pallet delivery across the continent.

One of the key advantages of road shipping is their extensive coverage and accessibility. European countries are interconnected by a vast network of highways and motorways, allowing for efficient transportation of palletized goods from one destination to another. Whether you need to ship to major cities or remote regions, road services offer widespread coverage, ensuring your pallets can reach easily various locations.

The road services provide flexibility in terms of shipment size and volume. From small shipments to larger loads, road transport can accommodate different pallet sizes and quantities of freight. Whether you require a dedicated full truckload (FTL) or just a single pallet space, road freight services can cover your specific needs, providing a tailored solution for your pallet delivery requirements.

Air Freight

The second option you can use for your pallet delivery to Europe is the air freight service. The advantages of air freight services for pallet collection from or to Europe are numerous. One of them is the unprecedented speed with which goods can reach their destinations. The air freight services offer a direct and swift pathway, reducing transit times significantly and ensuring that businesses can meet the demands of their customers promptly.

Moreover, the reliability of air shipping becomes a cornerstone of trust and confidence for businesses. With precise security measures, modern tracking technologies, and a commitment to meticulous handling, pallet delivery services from the UK to Europe via air freight ensures that goods arrive intact and in optimal condition. This peace of mind allows businesses to focus on their core operations, knowing that their cargo is in safe hands.

What to Consider when Choosing Pallet Delivery to Europe

Regardless of the service you may choose, and whether you have no prior experience in international pallet shipping or have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements, regulations, and steps involved in this process you should use a dedicated specialist to provide information and provide you with a clear and detailed picture of what to expect when shipping internationally.

Pallet2Ship takes great pride in offering our customers comprehensive support for any inquiries they may have, beginning with the pallet preparation process. On our website, we have a dedicated section titled How to Prepare a Pallet, where we emphasise the crucial steps involved in the packing procedure. We have also created instructional videos to provide you with additional assistance in this matter.

Following the 1st of January 2021, when the UK left the single European market, many things have changed and new requirements have been implemented. We have worked alongside our carriers to gather all the necessary information and put it at our customer’s disposal. The Brexit Info and the Knowledge Hub are two sections on our website where the customer can find useful information about post-Brexit procedures and requirements.

We value transparency and keeping the customers informed, that’s why most of our services are fully trackable, or in instances when they are not, we can keep you updated during transit. After placing the online booking, the automated system will send you a number of emails, containing confirmation of all the details you have given us, as well as the tracking details. You can use these details to monitor your shipment on the carrier’s or our website, depending on the service.

For peace of mind, you have the option to insure your consignment at the time of the booking. You can also visit our Insurance Calculator, to check how much the insurance will cost you.

European Pallet Delivery Requirements

When it comes to pallet delivery services in Europe, a thorough understanding of the specific requirements and regulations that govern the transportation of goods is required. Understanding and adhering to these requirements not only ensures smooth and efficient deliveries but also helps maintain compliance with European standards and keep costs down.

Regardless of the destination you are shipping to, one of the important criteria is to use a suitable pallet base. There are two different pallet types you can use, the standard pallet is 120cm by 100cm and the euro pallet is 120cm by 80cm. We handle both of these standards as well as any oversized pallets, with maximum dimensions of maximum 320cm X 200cm. The maximum weight we can handle is 1500 kg.

We will also provide you with detailed information on customs requirements and any necessary documentation for your specific destination in Europe. International customs regulations are complex, but with the right support, you can rest assured that your pallet will be delivered quickly and without delay.

The shipper must ensure they have all the necessary documentation for customs clearance. This includes a commercial or a proforma invoice, and additionally, depending on the nature of the goods, other documents like licenses or certificates may be required.

Both the shipper and the receiver need to have an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number. This unique identification number is used to track and declare goods during customs procedures. If either party does not have an EORI number, they must register for one.

The customs declaration determines the applicable tariffs and duties for the goods. Following the UK's exit from the EU, tariffs and duties may apply and the shipper must be aware of these costs and factor them into their pricing or budgeting.

Before and during Brexit, we worked hard to streamline the documentation procedure, which in turn made the customs clearance run quicker and smoother. If you are looking to book an import or an export from or to any European country, but you want to know the estimated amount of duties/taxes that will need to be paid, you can use our duty calculator.

Once the goods complete export and import customs clearance, your pallet will be delivered to its destination in Europe, ready to be delivered to the consignee or seamlessly integrated into your business operations. The successful completion of this shipping process marks the beginning of new opportunities and connections across borders.

When you successfully completed moving your freight to or from Europe, it becomes not just about moving goods, but bridging distances and creating meaningful, trustworthy relationships. It's about sharing products, ideas, and experiences with a global community. By choosing the right pallet shipping service, you will not only ensure safe transit for your goods, but it will also help you to secure your future partnerships.

So, whether you're sending goods to customers, to your friends or family, or expanding your reach into new markets, embrace the excitement and possibilities that come with sending a pallet to Europe. Trust in a reliable shipping service to make this journey a seamless and rewarding experience.

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