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Brexit information


Dear valued customer, we would like to bring to your attention that Palletways has prepared guidelines for you, with everything you need to know regarding Brexit and how it can affect your business. 
Please click here to access the document that Palletways provided regarding this matter.
We will update you as soon as we have more news from our other carriers.

Typhoon Hagibis may hit Japan


Please be informed a typhoon in the Pacific Ocean may hit Japan on Saturday and it can affect Tokyo as well. 
This can severely disrupt the service in the area and cause massive delays. Depending on its intensity, international airports may be seriously affected from Osaka to Nagoya and Tokyo. All Nippon Airways declared "flights on October 12 [are] likely to be canceled " and the team members will inform the customers about any changes. Ports could also be touched, resulting with delays on shipping routes in North Philippine Sea and Sea of Japan.
According to Jeff Masters, a meteorologist for Scientific American magazine, if the typhoon hits as predicted, it can become ''a multibillion dollar disaster''. Even Rugby World Cup fixtures are affected by the typhoon, as two of the matches (England-France and New Zealand-Italy) have already been cancelled.

Update 15th October: Hagibis Typhoon hit Japan last weekend, and it is one of the worst storms the country faced in the past 60 years. One of the many consequences that came along with it was the transport disruptions over the weekend, with flights, bullet trains and other transport cancelled across Honshu, Japan's main island. All the services in the area are affected and severe delays may incur.  

Source: CNN Travel  The New York Times

Global climate protest


Please be advised starting on the 7th of October Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists are planning to shut down many parts of Central London. This action may delay both collection and delivery services, as all the London postcodes will be affected.

New import service for parcels


Please be advised that we have added a new import service for parcels, Euro Saver, which can handle parcels up to 60 kg.

This service is fully trackable and we can collect from almost all the European countries.
The usual transit time is 2-4 working days depending on location. We require 48h notice before we can collect your parcel.

New sea freight import service


Please be advised that we have added a new sea freight import service that can accommodate 1 pallet up to a full container load. This service is port to door only, and it is the sender's responsibility to arrange the delivery to port.

When it comes to transit time, we can take as example an import from Shanghai, which takes around 28 days (port-port transit).

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