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Amazon FBA

Amazon's FBA services can be the best solution for your business if you sell goods online. If you register as a seller with Amazon, you send your products to one of Amazon's warehouses, and they will handle the rest.

By using Amazon FBA services, businesses have access to storage facilities, not only within the UK but across the world. One of the main advantages of Amazon FBA is that once a customer places an order, Amazon will handle the packing and shipping process, and they also offer customer support. Depending on the volume of sales, choosing Amazon FBA may represent the most economical and time-saving choice for your business.

How to book a Pallet Delivery to Amazon

If you are planning to send your goods to Amazon, you are in the right place. We offer dedicated services which can handle your pallet delivery to Amazon. To book your order, please access our Quote&Book page link, input the collection and delivery postcodes, select the pallet type you need, or, for international shipments, insert the dimensions and weight of your pallet. The website will instantly offer you a list of services, and you can choose any services that indicates it can handle deliveries into Amazon. These services are marked with the Amazon icon in green.

After you select the service, you can start filling in the general information of the booking, such as complete collection and delivery addresses, contact information etc. On page number three (Options), you need to provide the Amazon details, without which the delivery to Amazon cannot be arranged:

  • Unit Count: represents the number of individual items you are sending. These items will have to be placed in boxes (cartons).
  • Carton Count: the number of boxes used to pack the items you are delivering to Amazon.
  • Pallet count: the number of pallets you are delivering to Amazon
  • Vendor's name: The name of the company the goods are coming from
  • Purchase Order: represents a unique identifier that Amazon uses to track and manage orders placed with suppliers for products that will be sold on its platform.
  • FBA Reference: Each product in Amazon's fulfilment centres are assigned a unique identifier known as an FBA reference to track and manage inventory.

After completing the booking with all the requested details, we will send it to our carrier, and they will book the delivery with Amazon. If you are sending to an Amazon FBA centre outside of Great Britain, you will have to provide the above information along with a commercial invoice that our system will allow you to create. The EORI number for Amazon is not requested. Also, the Incoterm our carriers ship under when delivering to Amazon is DDP (the seller is responsible for paying any duties and taxes).

Amazon FBA Pallet Requirements

If you are sending your first order to Amazon, and you are not aware of their packing requirements, the information below may be useful to you. Ensuring proper packaging will not only protect your goods in transit but will also avoid any potential delays. Please be advised that Amazon will often reject consignments which are not packed according to their requirements.

  • The first thing you need to pay attention to is the pallet base. If your destination is a UK-based Amazon warehouse, your pallets should align with the UK standard four-way access pallet dimensions (1200cm x 1000cm). For European Amazon warehouses, the pallets must measure 800cm x 1200cm and possess four-way access capability.
  • Make sure you use a new, sturdy pallet base. Pallets must remain intact, without any breaks or damages that might compromise their structural integrity.
  • Conformance to the ISPM 15 standards is mandatory, meaning the pallets must undergo proper heat treatment.
  • The height of your pallets must not exceed 1.7 meters (170cm), and the weigh no more than 1000 kg.
  • The cartons within your pallets should not surpass an individual weight of 30kg.
  • Each pallet is required to be securely wrapped in transparent plastic wrapping. Please note that Amazon might reject pallets wrapped in black or otherwise coloured shrink wrap.
  • Amazon labels must be attached to the pallets, these are supplied in your online Amazon FBA account.
  • Pallet contents should not extend beyond the boundaries of the pallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA stands for fulfilment by Amazon. It's a service offered by Amazon that allows sellers to store their products in Amazon's fulfilment centres.

Can I use Pallet2Ship to deliver to Amazon?

Yes, Pallet2Ship offers dedicated services for pallet deliveries to Amazon FBA. All you need to do is to request an instant online quote, and the website will offer you different service options.

Can I choose a Premium Service for a faster delivery, when booking an Amazon Delivery?

The delivery to the Amazon warehouse does not depend on the service you book (Economy or Premium), but on the delivery slot Amazon offers. As a result, the type of service the customer chooses will only influence the collection.

How does Amazon FBA work?

Sellers send their inventory to Amazon's fulfilment centres. Once the products arrive, Amazon stores them in their warehouses. When a customer places an order, Amazon picks, packs, and ships the product on behalf of the seller. Amazon also handles returns and customer service inquiries.

What are the benefits of using Amazon FBA?

Using Amazon FBA comes with several benefits, including reduced workload for sellers, access to Amazon's vast customer base, efficient order fulfilment, Prime eligibility for products, and the ability to offer fast and reliable shipping options.

What type of sellers can benefit from Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA can benefit a wide range of sellers, from small businesses to large enterprises. It's particularly helpful for sellers who want to focus on their products and marketing efforts while outsourcing the logistical challenges of order fulfilment to Amazon.

Can I use FBA for international sales?

Yes, Amazon FBA allows sellers to expand their reach to international customers. Sellers can choose to use FBA for multiple marketplaces around the world, making it easier to manage cross-border sales.

Are there any restrictions on the types of products that can be sent to Amazon FBA?

Yes, Amazon has specific guidelines and restrictions on products that can be sent to FBA. Certain hazardous materials, perishable items, and restricted products may not be eligible for FBA. Sellers should review Amazon's guidelines to ensure their products meet the criteria.


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