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New and existing businesses: How could freight delivery work for you?

Services overview

Are you new to the freight delivery industry? We are here for you! Pallet2Ship® offers pallet or parcel delivery services worldwide, at the most competitive prices. Whether you're looking to ship your goods by road, sea or airfreight, we are here to help you choose the best option for your freight delivery. We work with the most trusted carriers, and you can use our pallet delivery services having complete peace of mind that your freight is in good hands. Our freight delivery services include:

Road: If you are looking to ship your goods throughout the UK or Europe, road freight services are the most cost-effective option. Our road shipping services can handle fragile items, oversized or hazardous consignments, and most of the services are fully trackable. If you have multiple pallets to send, we can offer you FTL (Full truck load) or LTL (Less than truck load) services at the most competitive rates.

Air: If you are looking to ship a small or an urgent consignment, our air freight service is the fastest and most convenient option for you. The air freight services we offer include door-to-door and door-to-airport options, and you can also track your consignment along its way to the destination.

Sea: Our sea freight services are often the perfect choice when sending large consignments overseas. The only aspect you may need to consider is the urgency of your delivery: the transit time is considerably longer when compared to air freight services, however it is far more cost-effective and perfect for large, oversized pallets. The sea freight option also comes with tracking details, and you can always monitor your shipment across the Oceans. You can use our sea freight services to ship FCLs (Full container load) and LCLs (Less than container load), if your freight is made up of multiple pallets.

All of the above services are available for our customers, regardless if they are importing or exporting their goods. With Pallet2ship you can send/receive your freight to/from any corner of the world!

We are aware how challenging it can be for a new business, or indeed an existing business who had been selling their goods locally, to understand all the requirements within the transportation sector. Nevertheless, we are here for you! At Pallet2ship, there are 3 important aspects that we value the most: communication, transparency and safety.

We are very proud to say that we have managed to build a strong and very professional customer service team, who are always prepared and happy to assist our customers with all their queries. Whether your query is related to the booking process, shipment paperwork or to the packing process, we are happy to provide all the necessary information, in a very timely manner. Our work ethic is focused on meeting our customers' expectations, and we will always go above and beyond to offer the best quality service we can.

When booking a shipment for the first time, you may want to know all the updates regarding your freight and to be able to track it through its way to the final destination. This is an aspect that we truly understand and a very important criteria when choosing our carriers: full transparency. As previously mentioned, most of our services are trackable online, and you can choose the most suitable one for yourself at the booking stage, depending on a number of aspects such as the collection dates, transit times and the nature of the goods.

Because the safety of your freight is our priority, we have teamed-up with the most trusted international carriers like DHL, Hellmann, Palletways, Kuehne+Nagel, DSV and many others who will handle your goods as safely as possible. However, because unexpected situations may occur, we encourage our customers to strongly consider the insurance options when booking a shipment so that you have total peace of mind that your goods are fully covered.

Discover new shipping opportunities

Since 1st of January 2020, alongside the new Brexit regulations, major changes affected exports and imports to/from the E.U. By leaving the single market, Great Britain has had to face new customs procedures when importing and exporting goods with other countries in the E.U.

Because we know how time consuming and difficult it can be to understand and get used to the new regulations, especially for businesses who are new to exports and imports, we offer as much information as possible to our customers and can help to guide them through the shipping process. We are working tirelessly to structure and consolidate all the information we have to educate our customers regarding the new documentation and restrictions. On our website we have pages dedicated to this type of information, such as Freight Services, Knowledge Hub, Industry News and Brexit Info.

If for example, prior to January 2020, a pallet delivery to Germany could be booked by providing just the collection and delivery addresses and the dimensions of the pallet, now things have changed and there are many other details that are required. One of the most important being a properly completed commercial invoice: it may look complicated to a customer new to the transportation industry, but we are here to guide you.

Shipping to a European country or shipping to the USA or Australia is more or less the same thing in terms of bureaucracy, which can only mean that you can easily expand your trade area to find the best trade deals for your business. Your job is to secure profitable trade deals with your suppliers, and ours to handle your shipments. Also, we encourage our customers to contact the local Chamber of Commerce when looking for new trade opportunities.

Pallet delivery can help your business grow

As a new business, one of the main objectives is to grow. How can you do that? By looking for profitable partnerships and also by choosing the right shipping company that will handle your goods.

Whether you want to import a product from China or to export your goods to the UAE, Pallet2ship is here for you! After you have established all the business terms with your partner, please make sure you have all the shipping details ready, and we will take it from there.

Also, as you are just hitting the road, you may have to pay attention to your business's budget. Therefore, please consider all the financial aspects when choosing your shipping company. The cheapest option is not always the one that benefits you the most: paying a little extra for a premium, seamless service can help you build your reputation on the market, and it may help strengthen partnerships with your customers.

With an experience of over 12 years in the transport industry, we are very proud to be able to work with the best carriers, and we offer a top quality service at the most competitive rates. We are working continuously to continue to be a company that puts everything on the table for our customers: instant online quotes, a very well prepared customer service team that can offer you all the information you need, and the most cost effective solutions for you and your business partners. All you need to do is to allow us to help your business grow.

If you have any questions regarding our services, tracking your parcel or advice, we're here


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