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Pallet delivery requirements

Planning a pallet delivery may seem like a complicated process, but here at Pallet2Ship we aim to give all customers the information they need to confidently prepare their goods and arrange delivery. In this way, even the customers who are planning their first shipment will have a clear image of what the transportation process includes.

Packing requirements

One of the very first steps when planning a pallet delivery is the packing process and we consider it to be one of the most important aspects The safety of a consignment very much depends on the packing process, and we would like you to understand its importance.

The first aspect you should know regarding the packing process is that the carrier is not responsible to provide the pallet and the wrapping material, nor to participate at the packing process. This is entirely the customer’s responsibility, but we are here to guide you through the process.

To start with, please make sure the pallet you are using is of good quality. Also, please be advised that some countries, outside Europe, require heat-treated pallets, so please contact us before purchasing or arranging a pallet. If you have multiple smaller items to be shipped, we recommend you put the items in heavy-duty cardboard boxes for shipping. You can also add protective packaging such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts inside the boxes to prevent the items from moving inside. When placing the boxes on the pallet, try to keep the height the same on each level and all items within the footprint of the pallet. After you have arranged all of the boxes/items on the pallet base, you can start to secure them using shrink wrap and/or straps. If using shrink wrap, ensure you include the base of the pallet and that there are no gaps in between the shrink wrap whilst working your wrap up the pallet.

For more details about the packing process, please visit our How to prepare your pallet section, where you can also find some instructional videos.

Pallet size guide

The UK standard pallet base is 120cm X 100cm, however, there are also different types of pallets such as 120cm X 120cm or 120cm X 80cm. If you are shipping a pallet within the UK or to the Rep. of Ireland, there are five pallet types you can choose from at the time of the booking: Mini Quarter, Quarter, Half, Full-Lite and Full pallet. All five pallet types come with the same pallet base, which is a maximum of 120cm X 120cm, and what makes them different are the height and weight limits. We have a dedicated section on the home page, where you can find more about the pallet types.

For shipments addressed to any other country in Europe or outside the continent, you must manually input the sizes and weights of your consignment. When measuring the height of your pallet please make sure you also include the pallet base. The same when calculating the weight of the pallet. One important aspect to be considered when shipping outside the continent is the height limit for the air freight service which is 160cm, while the sea freight service can handle pallets with a height of up to 220cm.

We can also ship oversized pallets, up to 340cm X 240cm and 1,200 kg, to any location within the UK, Europe and beyond. To learn more about our services, please visit the Freight Services page, on our website.


We have always tried to be transparent when it comes to pallet delivery quotes, but there are some facilities which come at an extra cost. We would like to take you through most of them, so you know what to expect when making your booking:

  • OFA (Out of area charge)- this is a charge which could apply to certain services depending on the area we are delivering to. It is generally classed as any area that is further than 50 miles from the nearest depot. If your shipment includes an OFA charge, you will be informed before you make payment.
  • Discrepancy charges- a discrepancy charge may be applied if you under-declare the sizes and weight of your consignment.
  • Non-stackable pallets- this is a charge which can be applied for both imports and exports, depending on the service booked and is clearly advertised at the quotation stage.
  • Timed delivery & AM Delivery & Saturday Delivery & Amazon Delivery & Same day Collection- all these services are available only for domestic shipments, and they come at an extra cost.
  • Tail-lift- for some of the export services to Europe, the tail-lift option comes at an additional cost.
  • Residential delivery- this is a charge that only applies to air freight services, for consignments addressed outside the continent.


When booking a consignment with Pallet2ship, you have the option to insure your goods, at the time of the booking. The insurance cover starts from £100 up to £45,000. However, if the value of your goods exceeds £45,000, please request a quote, and we will revert with a price within a few minutes.

We can insure a wide range of goods, such as engine/gearboxes or other car parts, electronics, tools, etc. If you want to know more about insurable and non-insurable goods, please visit our Prohibited & Restricted items list.

If you have any questions regarding our services, tracking your parcel or advice, we're here


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