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Things you need to know about international shipping

One of the first steps you may need to consider if you are looking to grow your business is to expand your trade market outside the country. Shipping internationally not only gives you the option to create new partnerships but also to promote your business in different markets.

When it comes to international shipping, we are experts. We offer our customers a wide range of services for their international shipments, at the most competitive prices.

International shipping costs

When shipping internationally there are many aspects you may need to consider. One of them is the budget you wish to allocate for your international shipment. The cost for your international pallet delivery depends on many aspects, such as the destination country, postcode, the size and weight of your consignment and the type of service you wish to book.

If your consignment is addressed to a European country, you can choose between the road freight and the air freight services. If you are on a tight budget, the road freight service will often represent the ideal choice. You can choose between our Economy and Premium road freight services, the Premium services are usually delivered 2-3 working days quicker. Even quicker still is our air freight service for the most time-sensitive shipments; the transit time is between 1-3 working days, pending customs clearance.

If you are shipping outside the continent, you can choose between two services: air freight and sea freight. The sea freight service is dedicated to customers looking for the most cost-effective shipping deals. The sea freight service also comes with different options, such as door-to-door, door-to-port or port-to-port.

Aside from the price we offer at the time of the booking, you need to expect additional charges, such as customs clearance charges in the destination country, VAT and potential Duty for most international services. Additionally, if you are booking a sea freight service, please be advised that there will be an additional cost if you choose to book to port only, such as the port & handling charges.

If you would like to estimate the VAT/Duty payable in the destination country, we would suggest SimplyDuty which will give you a very good estimate.

How long does it take to ship internationally?

The transit time for international shipments depends on the destination country and on the type of service you have booked.

For shipments addressed to Europe, we offer you two different services: road freight and air freight. The average transit time for the road freight service is between 5-8 working days, pending customs clearance. If you book an air freight service, the transit time will likely be between 1-3 working days, pending customs clearance.

When shipping outside the continent, the situation is slightly different. You can choose between air freight and sea freight services. While the air freight service offers a transit time between 3 and 5 working days to the rest of The World, the transit time for the sea freight service can differ from one country to another. For example, if you are shipping door-to-port from the UK to the USA, the service will take between 15 and 30 days depending on the destination port. If you are shipping to Australia by sea freight, the transit time is around 57 days.

What are the document requirements?

If you are planning to ship internationally, you must be aware of the document requirements to ensure a smooth shipping process.

A Commercial Invoice is requested for all commercial shipments leaving the country, and any parties inside Great Britain or Europe should be EORI registered. The Commodity Codes are mandatory, and it's very important to ensure the correct Commodity Codes are provided, as they determine the amount of tax and/or duty applied to your freight.

Another aspect you must pay attention to is the Incoterms, which represent a set of international rules, which determine the responsibilities of the seller and the buyer. Please note that some of our carriers can only ship under DAP Incoterms, which means that the receiver will be responsible for the payment of duties and taxes where applicable.

There may also be additional steps to consider specific to the country you are sending from/to. For example, for all commercial shipments addressed to Northern Ireland, both the seller and the buyer must be XIEORI registered.

If you are shipping your personal belongings, you must complete a Proforma Invoice in the place of a Commercial Invoice. In this case, the EORI numbers are no longer required, however the Commodity Codes are still mandatory. Please be advised that at the moment, our only carrier that can handle personal goods shipments is DHL.

For more information about the document requirements, please visit our Knowledge Hub section or Brexit Overview.

How to pack your pallet when shipping internationally

The packing process plays a very important part in ensuring the safety of a consignment for all shipments, especially for international deliveries.

If you are shipping a parcel, please make sure you use a new box made of heavy-duty cardboard large enough to fit your products. Also, we strongly recommend you use bubble wrap or other types of protective materials to make sure that the items do not move inside the box.

If it's a pallet you are shipping, please be advised that the goods must be placed on a pallet. The carrier is not responsible to provide packaging materials or to help with the packing process. In case you have many items to be shipped, we recommend you place them in boxes, attach the boxes to a pallet, and secure them very well using straps or shrink-wrap. Also, please be advised that when you are shipping to certain countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the USA, or Canada, a heat-treated (fumigated) pallet is required.

If you want to learn more about the packing process, please visit the guideline we have prepared for you.

If you have any questions regarding our services, tracking your parcel or advice, we're here


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