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Values to Apply in the Work Environment (Part One)

Posted on Thursday, September 10th by Pallet2ship logo

As business people, experience teaches us all that certain values are bound to improve the level of performance within a work team. In the end, the success of a businessperson, that of a business team, that of a business, all depend on a number of do's and don'ts not everyone is aware of. Let us take a look at some of them, starting with the do's.

1. Be cooperative - Teamwork is extremely important. Acknowledge that. Do not try to focus on getting all the credit yourself.

Working in a team means investing your personal resources into optimising the results of the team you are a member of. This is what lies behind the results of the best-performing teams. That does not mean that you cannot have your own specific objectives or that you will not get the credit you deserve for your personal achievements. However, your focus should be on contributing to the achievements of the team you are part of. This way, your team partners will feel encouraged to do the same. Join your efforts and you will be successful both as individuals and as a team.

2. Be creative - Use your imagination to be original and more efficient. Believe in your ideas.

Try to always think outside the box. Remember that original ideas are rooted in the adaptation and improvement skills of a team. Also, do not undermine the ideas of newer team members for they may bring just that fresh point of view your team needs. Think aloud, pose questions, make suggestions, build scenarios. That is the way to achieve success in a team environment.

3. Be supportive - Help your team partners. Encourage them.

When being part of a team, chances are you will often find yourself spending more time with your team partners than with your family or friends. Respect the team members and support them. They need it just as much as you do. Give them the credit they deserve whenever they achieve something for a teammate's appreciation often weighs more than the team leader's. We all need to feel like we are being appreciated by those around us. And it does not cost you anything.

4. Be brave - Do not hesitate to take risks. Take them to support your ideas and the values you believe in.

People often give up on their ideas or beliefs should they contradict those expressed by their team leaders or should they deviate from the usual path. Try your hardest not to be one of them. Stand by your beliefs and your ideas if they are well-documented and have a strong basis. Just breathe and put them out there. Successful team environments support objective discussions and interaction between team members. You will have to take some risks at some point in order to allow yourself and your team to achieve progress.

Now that you know what you should do to develop a constructive attitude towards working in a team, what about the don'ts?

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