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DPDgroup became the first European road network in Europe

Posted on Thursday, March 5th by Pallet2ship logo

On the 27th of February 2020, DPDgroup released its financial findings of 2019 showing an income of 7.8 billion. Despite the challenging background, such as restrictions on delivery in city centers and the shortage of drivers, financial growth has been achieved.

DPD delivered more than 1.3 billion parcels worldwide, with the European record of 9.3 million parcels delivered on Cyber Monday. Considering the income of 7.8 billion, DPDgroup has become the first European road network in Europe, and also recorded a 6.7% increase in revenue compared to 2018.

Yves Delmas, Executive Vice President, COO Europe, declared: "We are not volume-obsessed. Our 2019 performance is driven by profitable growth. As a market leader, it is our responsibility to pave the way toward a better pricing policy. Covering the increasing operational costs throughout Europe while improving our service performance as a premium player can only be made possible by fair pricing that our customers understand."

The BtoC segment has driven the growth of the European market, as DPDgroup relies on a hybrid BtoB-BtoC network. Last year, the BtoB segment represented 55% of DPDgroup's volumes, while DPDgroup's BtoC volumes segment in Europe showed a 9% increase.

Regarding Brexit, DPDgroup will focus on the progress of negotiations and ensure being Brexit ready for all outcomes. Furthermore, DPDgroup will maintain operations as usual between the UK and the EU so that trade continues to be as smooth as possible.

By operating through a vast network, DPDgroup continues to meet customer's expectations and offer new services for certain sectors, for example:

-Express urban delivery: Stuart, a delivery platform and on-demand logistics solution, currently operates in 142 European cities (95 cities in France, 45 in the UK, Madrid & Barcelona in Spain) along with partnerships with major retail outlets such as Carrefour in France.
-Smart urban depots: to improve everyday urban life, by giving customers greater delivery choices, while reducing our impact on the environment, DPDgroup now has 110 urban depots in 13 countries. In Spain, SEUR has 11 urban depots, enabling delivery by foot courier, bicycle or ecological vehicle. In Poland, DPD runs a network of 45 urban depots with on-site dressing rooms, allowing to return incorrectly sized clothes.
-A Shop2Shop service developed throughout Europe.

As the Group delivered over 1.3 billion parcels in 2019, DPD aims to minimize its environmental impact through DrivingChangeTM, its CSR program. DPDgroup aspires to achieve a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions per parcel by 2025 and to maintain its leadership on the voluntary carbon offset market in the CEP sector. To fulfil its goal, DPDgroup has set-up several initiatives since 2012 with a double strategy: make every parcel it delivers carbon neutral and offset any remaining emissions.

Among DPDgroup's smart urban initiatives launched in 2019:

-Chronopost France now operates 100% green deliveries in Paris, thanks to low-emission vehicles and urban depots. This initiative helps reduce 87% of its CO2 emissions. DPD France is on its way also to deliver Paris with low emission vehicles.
-139 electric vehicles deployed in the United Kingdom, to form the largest UK green livery. The company's green fleet and urban depots are in line with London's Ultra Low Emission Zone standards.
-Green deliveries are also operated in Dublin, Hamburg, Madrid, Tallinn, and Warsaw.
-A Group-wide air quality monitoring program measures air quality with sensors on vans and Pickup points. Data are provided (for free) to cities & citizens.

Source: DPDgroup 

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