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The Perks of Same Day Courier Services

Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd by Pallet2ship logo

Same day courier services tend to be quite intimidating for some people and maybe rightfully so for they are rather preferential in nature. In the end, their users get to enjoy the luxury of having dedicated vehicles at their disposal to meet their delivery needs. However, the perks of using same day courier services instead of standard ones are many and worth taking a closer look at. Here are some of the criteria that tend to recommend them among customers worldwide.

1. Size

Let us start our assessment of the advantages of same day courier at the size of parcels. As a general rule, carriers will establish their shipping rates based on the size and weight of parcels. In this context, if you are looking to ship oversized parcels, you might want to note that same day courier services may meet your shipping needs for much cheaper than overnight courier services.

2. Value

Next, the total value of your cargo is another important criterion in your choice of the most convenient courier solution. Once again, same day courier services are preferable for in this case, your cargo is loaded into a dedicated vehicle and delivered straight to the destination, where the recipient will sign to confirm its delivery.

3. Fragility

The choice of the right shipping solution becomes even more important if your cargo consists of fragile items. Whereas the conventional courier solutions tend to be associated with a very risk of damage during transportation, same day deliveries are considered to be safer for the driver of a dedicated vehicle can take additional precautions to ensure the delivery of any fragile goods good condition.

4. Urgency

Same day courier services also provide the most convenient solution in those situations where parcels must reach a given destination within a pre-established time frame. Although next day delivery services are considered to be highly reliable, delays in deliveries tend to occur rather frequently while the courier service providers are exonerated from their responsibility.

5. Paperwork

Of course, all shipments must be accompanied by a certain set of documents. Therefore, their safety is just as important as that of the shipment itself. As expected, dedicated drivers can ensure a better protection of all the legal documents, passports and contracts accompanying a shipment.

6. Time effectiveness

In the end, same day courier services provide not only a safe shipping solution, but a fast one as well. Indeed, the increased time effectiveness usually comes at additional costs, yet the benefits of making that investment are transparent.

7. Emergency situations

In that same context, it should be noted that emergency situations happen all the time. Therefore, these particular services are also designed to provide a highly convenient solution should any important items be forgotten somewhere and need to be delivered to a given destination urgently.

8. Commitment

Last but not least, the use of same day courier services reflects a high level of commitment as they allow the constant verification of arrival times or that of the condition of the items being shipped throughout their delivery to the point of destination.

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