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The Role of Local Courier Services in Non-Profit Organisations

Posted on Thursday, November 26th by Pallet2ship logo

Despite their very different missions and interests, non-profit organisations and legal entities rely on local courier companies to handle their courier service needs on a constant basis and for a variety of reasons.

One of the main factors that lie at the basis of these solid partnerships is the guaranteed timeliness of local courier services. Thus, the people working in these areas can reach maximum time effectiveness and efficiency levels at work. In addition to this, they can rest assured that their packages and papers will reach their destination in good condition. Tracking and delivery confirmation methods ensure additional protection in the case of sensitive shipments being made.

The local courier services most frequently provided to legal entities include the following: the serving of legal subpoena and processes; runs on banks; mail receipt and delivery services; the direct delivery of legal documentation to intended recipients; the hand delivery of legal documentation (i.e. motions, briefs, etc.) to courthouses for timely filing purposes; the prompt return of original documentation to the sender after filing and stamping (in the case of specific filing procedures); the delivery of contracts to be signed, as well as that of signed contracts; the safe delivery and return of case file boxes, as well as that of various trial exhibits to court lawyers; the delivery of archive records from libraries, museums and government offices to attorney offices; the safe delivery of classified materials and messages; same-day filing services; rush services and return messenger services.

Professionalism plays an essential role in the courier industry and local courier service providers are well aware of it. Lying at the basis of both their reputation and their employers', it constitutes an important incentive for them to invest in both their appearance and their performance. Legal couriers stand out as energetic, but also cautious, reliable, responsible and obedient. In fact, these features are imperative in this field of work, which is based on safety and confidentiality. Politeness is also important, as revealed by legal couriers, who are respectful of the legal system as well as their clients.

Non-profit organisations also turn to local couriers on a regular basis to provide some of the services listed above. Other services such organisations handle through local courier companies include the pickup of pledges of donations, that of checks or the delivery of tickets purchased over the internet or phone, among many others.

Lottery and raffle prizes awarded by charitable organisations are also commonly delivered by local couriers.

Business partnerships with reputable local courier service providers are highly advantageous on a number of distinct levels. The drivers' familiarity with the area stands out as one of the decisive factors that lie at the basis of these partnerships for it allows a better choice of the routes. As a result, non-profit organisations and legal entities can make significant money savings on account of the fuel consumption being significantly lower, as well as save significant amounts of time.

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