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The Trucking and Transportation Industries Are Advancing

Posted on Thursday, September 24th by Pallet2ship logo

Innovation in the technological field is often associated with smartphones and wearables and their interaction with the surrounding world and far less often with the automobile industry. However, new technologies have found their way into this industry as well and are now making their way into the trucking and transportation industries too. Electronic logs and in-cab cameras are just two of the many such developments, which seem inevitable in the present technological context.

The interest of the main technology companies in transportation

Some of the most resounding names in the tech business have recently expressed their interest in conducting research and investing in the transportation industry. For instance, Amazon's founder, Jeff Bezos, has expressed his intention to improve the same day delivery service area using drone technology. Google representatives have also announced their attempts to build a driverless car with no steering wheel and airbags on the outside for the protection of pedestrians. Apple too has recently been added to the list. And the list does not stop here. Tesla is also trying to find its way into the automobile industry with its two 2015 S and 2011 Roadster models, which seek power generated at low energy costs. Additionally, the company has expressed its intention to invest in the development of a battery that can meet the power needs of homes.

A similar trend can be noticed in the trucking sector, thus feeding the possibility of transportation services, delivery services and product storage changing. But where is all this interest rooted? This is a question with multiple answers.

The gap between needs and industries

One of the answers to the abovementioned question points to the national infrastructure, where transportation services play a significant role. Tech companies have the necessary resources to consolidate them and commoditise, taking advantage of the gap between the technological field and the trucking industry. However, car manufacturers do not seem to respond much to the advances made in the transportation industry as they rarely detach themselves from the conservative designs and marketing strategies.

The acceptance of technological solutions

Transportation services constitute an integral part of the real and economic context. Their improvement could draw an improved lifestyle overall. This particular industry has fallen behind in terms of technological means and technology companies are seeking to provide innovative solutions to cover the existing gap. One of them is the web-connected engine for commercial trucks and semis for improved driver safety as well as improved engine health.

However, the perspectives of automobile and trucking industry representatives on one side and those of the technology industry representatives on the other seem to differ. More specifically, the former seem to be focusing on finding drivers and discussing the pros and cons of electronic logs, whereas the latter are investing more and more money into the development of various markets and research on how to improve the lives of industry stakeholders, as well as those of customers. A first step towards the acceptance of these solutions by those in the trucking industry would involve a change in the perception of truckers, managers and executives as regards the technological progress and its prospects.

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