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APN requests client forbearance in unprecedented times


Dear Customers,

We would like to make you aware of the extraordinary circumstances being faced by the UK's Pallet Networks, as a result of the pandemic, Brexit and other causes.

Please take a moment to read through the latest update we have received from The Association of Pallet Networks.

The Association of Pallet Networks
Fradley Park

7 May 2021
Dear Colleagues and Customers

The Association of Pallet Networks is asking for your support and patience as the UK's pallet networks meet an unprecedented level of challenge in their role as keyworkers and a major delivery mechanism for UK plc.

While our sector prides itself on high service levels, we would like to draw your attention to the exceptional circumstances in which our network partners are currently operating. Following more than 12 months of disruption due to pandemic, during which we continued to keep Britain moving, shops and hospitals stocked, and your goods reaching their customers, we have recently had to deal with an extraordinary surge in volumes at a time when our resources are acutely stretched.

This has inevitably impacted on our ability to maintain the very high service levels for which our industry is renowned. There are many factors which have contributed to the current challenging situation:

  • An unrelenting growth in pallet volumes. 01 2021 saw 14% growth year on year and March was the highest volume month the sector has ever seen, with more than 3 million pallets delivered.
  • An 46% increase in residential deliveries, which are more difficult and time consuming than B2B deliveries. In 01 2020, 13% of our total deliveries were to residential addresses. In 01 2021, this was 19%, or almost one in five pallets.
  • An acute driver shortage. The UK's driver shortage stood at approximately 50,000 in early 2020. It has since been exacerbated by Brexit, which resulted in the loss of thousands of EU drivers and warehouse staff. In addition, new IR35 rules on the classification of contractors has affected the availability of agency drivers who usually supplement our workforces. The logistics industry is now lacking almost 80,000 drivers, according to Logistics UK.
  • We are still operating under social distancing rules, and must make provision for team members who are, or have family members, vulnerable to COVID19 infection.
  • There are significant delays with products moving over UK borders, both to and from EU countries. We are doing our best to support customers and expedite consignments but this is a resource-heavy task which has been challenging for all sectors.

In short, despite responding with resilience and agility to the needs of a UK under lockdown and undergoing the most major shift in trade conditions for several decades, we are having to do far more with less resource available to us than ever before.

We will continue to work intelligently, proactively and professionally to meet all your delivery needs. However, we would be remiss if we did not take the time to explain these highly unusual circumstances to our loyal customer base, and ask for your understanding and support.

How you can help?

Firstly, please be patient if some of your deliveries take longer than normal. Our teams are working extremely hard and they care just as much as you do about the efficiency and professionalism of their service.

Secondly, communicate to your customers that there may be some unavoidable delays in their expected delivery schedule. It would be helpful if they could use the provided track and trace services, or contact you, as the seller, if they have queries about their delivery, rather than ringing network depots.

Work with your pallet network and your local depot to ensure that every pallet is correctly manifested, packaged and all necessary paperwork and contact details are correct. When Hubs and depots are extremely busy, troubleshooting problematic consignments creates an unnecessary delay.

Please remember that our successes still outnumber the challenges we face, and that our primary concern is to give you optimal service, safely, cost effectively and sustainably.

Thank you, on behalf all the UK's pallet networks for your understanding.

Yours sincerely
Paul Sanders
Founder & Chairman, APN

European Export Services


Dear valued customer, 

We are glad to inform you that the European export services are now slowly improving. However, the international hubs are still struggling with a massive backlog caused by the existing freight remained in the network. Therefore, we have taken the steps of pushing the collection days by 10 days. We sincerely apologize for all the inconveniences this may cause, but we trust this decision will help all of us in the future.

Brexit at a glance


Here at Pallet2Ship, we put our customers first and aim to give you the most up to date information. Please see the information below regarding required documentation for shipments post Brexit.

IMPORTANT! Information on EORI numbers.

Considering shipping goods to/from Europe? In the UK, businesses, self-employed and private individuals involved in a commercial transaction must register, the same for businesses and self-employed within the EU, so before exporting/importing it is essential to make sure that both you and your customers/suppliers in Europe have the EORI numbers (unless your EU customer is a private individual in which case they do not need it).

Register for an EORI number now

Collect from Deliver to Commercial Invoice
(for goods that are subject of a sale)
Proforma Invoice
(for personal effects)
Great Britain Europe
Europe Great Britain
Northern Ireland Europe
Europe Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Rep. of Ireland
Rep. of Ireland Northern Ireland
Great Britain Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland Great Britain
Rep. of Ireland Great Britain
Great Britain Rep. of Ireland
Rep. of Ireland Europe
Europe Rep. of Ireland

* VAT: applicable; not applicable.

** EORI: required; not required.
Any company, self-employed or private individual selling goods to Europe must apply for an EORI number and provide it on the commercial invoice.
If your customer in Europe is a business or self-employed individual you are also required to provide their EORI number and if they do not yet have one they are required to apply.

Dear valued customer,


Dear valued customer,

We are delighted to announce that we are now one of the few businesses in the industry to offer instant online sea freight quotes for both imports and exports, and the only company to provide door-to-door options for exports (for business customers only) and door-to-port (for business and private individuals). We are operating in a highly-volatile industry, and we are always trying to adapt the services we provide to all of our customers' needs and always looking to improve on the existing online system such as adding new services, so you can export and import your freight at a click of a button.

As Brexit has finally happened, after 3 years of negotiations and uncertainty, the UK can now look forward to new trade opportunities outside Europe, and to develop the ones already in place. The USA and Canada are 2 of the most important potential trade partners, and we want to offer our customers the easiest and most cost-effective solutions when importing/exporting goods from and to these 2 countries. Furthermore, we have added 3 new sea freight services on our website:

  • New export sea freight port-to-port service: Now you can obtain a price directly on our website, and you will no longer have to request a quote. This new service handles shipments worldwide, and now we are able to deliver to 3 new ports in Canada (Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto), and to 32 new destination in the USA (From Atlanta to Washington DC). This is the cheapest service we offer and if you agree to deliver your pallets to one of our warehouses and collect from the port, the price you pay is unbeatable.
  • New export door-to-port sea freight service: We are the only business in the industry to offer a door-to-port option. You can also now obtain a price for Canada and the USA directly on our website, and you will no longer have to request a quote and wait for a reply. This new service handles shipments worldwide, and now we have added the same 3 new ports in Canada (Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto), and 32 new destination in the USA (From Atlanta to Washington DC).
  • New export door-to-door sea freight service (delivery to business addresses only within a 200 miles radius of the destination port). A new and massive improvement for the sea freight services is the addition of this door-to-door service. We will cover most of the international destinations, including the USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and many more.
  • New import sea freight port-to-door service: We can collect from 5 major ports in the USA (Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and San Francisco) and 3 in Canada (Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto) as well as tens of other major International ports from China to Australia, or from the Philippines to UAE. You can obtain a price directly on our website. This service is dedicated to both business and residential customers. For business customers we have the option to arrange the collections with local carriers, so the services can be door-to-door. Please be advised that if you wish to arrange the door-to-door option, we will need 24-48 hrs in order to give you an accurate price.
  • New export service by road to Europe from DPD especially useful for customers sending small pallets. Unbeatable value for money, online tracking and the famous reliability of the DPD service are some of the highlights of this new road service available now through the website for shipments from the UK to any part of the EU. So, if you have shipments of multiple parcels, don't hesitate to contact us, we will advise on how you can save money by palletising your boxes and ship them more securely across Europe and all at fraction of the price.
  • Also, a new import, airport-to-door consolidation service by air from the USA to the UK is available on our online platform now. We will bring your freight from New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, clear it through customs in the UK and deliver to your door at unbelievably low rates for an air service. Currently you will have to use your own carrier to deliver your freight within the USA from your premises to our warehouses, however we are looking at ways in which we can offer it as a door-to-door service in the near future. 
  • Finally, we have developed a new platform for part and full lorry loads within the UK and from and to the UK to Europe. So, you will now be able to enter your FTL or LTL requirements into our website and we shall get back to you within 24 hrs with the most competitive prices.

New freight services will be added to our website in the next couple of weeks:

A similar initiative, this time related to the sea freight service, will focus on LCL (less-than-container-loads) and FCL (full-container-loads). In similar terms, if you are a customers who is shipping full container loads to anywhere in the world we will be able to get back to you with some of the lowest prices in the industry much quicker, so your business will truly profit from our network of freight forwarding partners and the experience and expertise of our operations team.

We are very excited about these new sea, air and road freight services, we are sure they will offer great value for money for many of our customers and help them export or import their goods for less. We want to offer everyone a modern, transparent online freight platform, a platform anyone can use on their laptop or mobile from the comfort of their home or office to obtain instant pallet delivery rates to and from anywhere in the words in seconds. On top of this we are working hard to continuously update the website with new information about legislation, documentation and procedures when it comes to international trade, so our customers have the confidence of using any of these services. We would like to make it clear to you: we will be here to help you every step the way, from the moment you book with us online, to the minute your pallets get delivered. In Pallet2Ship you will have an honest and experienced partner so do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions about any of our international or domestic pallet services.

Wales lockdown


Dear valued customer,

Please be advised that starting with 6 PM this evening, the Caerphilly Borough is going on lockdown.

A few companies have already advised that they will not be accepting deliveries during this period.

Prior to placing the booking, please make sure that the premises in the area are open and the consignees will accept the deliveries, so we can avoid re-delivery charges.

Below see below the postcode list:

CF83l; CF82; NP11; NP12.
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