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Dear valued customer,

In this time of uncertainty, we are pleased to announce that Pallet2ship will not increase our prices despite worldwide fuel price increases and subsequent rate increases from our carriers.

We are proud to be able to offer our customers the best possible prices at all times.

Pall-ex Amazon deliveries


Dear Customer,

 There are still severe delays delivering into Amazon LTN7 (Bedford MK43 9RH) and deliveries have been pushed back even further until mid - December. This means that the local delivery depot warehouse is still at capacity. 

End of the year services


Dear valued customer, 

Considering the challenging circumstances the industry is facing, we strongly recommend that you start organizing the freight you want to deliver by the end of the year and book in these deliveries as soon as possible. 

The transport industry is already disrupted by the drivers shortage crisis, backlogs, and pandemic restrictions, and we want to make sure all our customers have booked their Christmas consignments in advance, to avoid further delays.

Thank you!

UK ports


Dear customer,

Please be advised that UK ports are currently struggling with increased freight traffic due to Brexit and COVID-19 restrictions.

Also, due to the nationwide drivers shortage, imported goods are not being collected on time from warehouses, which is causing further delays. 

Considering the above, please be advised that the situation is currently unstable, and delays are likely to occur. 

Glasgow service update


Dear Customer,

 â€œCOP26 will be unlike any other major event that Glasgow has hosted. It will create a unique set of challenges for our travel network. The event is huge and very complicated. It involves around 140 world leaders, some 25,000 delegates, and climate activists as well. It's expected COP26 will have an impact on travel across Central Scotland.

 Work is being done to map out how COP26 will affect Glasgow's Road network, footpaths, and cycleways. Some of the routes that people usually use will be closed or access to them will be restricted.”

 The below postcodes are fully restricted as travel routes and therefore we are implementing service restrictions to these areas effective Monday 1st November 2021.

 G1-4 & 11-15

 Any freight destined for the above postcodes will remain unavailable until the end of the COP26 conference.
 Should you have a delivery of medical supplies or essential goods then please contact the depot for instruction on availability of service.

 Please contact us for any deliveries that are of an urgent nature that can be collected by your customer directly from the depot as these can be accommodated but will attract a storage charge of £20 per week or part there-off until collected.

 Should any other deliveries be sent to the depot for the above postcode range, they will be put into storage and attract a storage charge of £20 per week or part thereof, until collected. Bullet Storage Centre in Baillieston G32 0TF will store any of these pallets.  

G5, 20-23, 40-43, 51 & 73

 In addition, to the NO SERVICE postcodes, we also have areas that are severely restricted throughout the duration of the Conference. Service for the postcodes listed above will be extended up to 96 hours.

 All other central G postcodes along with the PA postcodes service will be reduced to 72 hours to assist with the delays within the area.

 All service restrictions that are put in place will automatically extend the delivery window on My Nexus.

 Where there is no service possible, the system will prevent you or your customer from manifesting to these postcodes.
 Should you use an API for consignment creation it will reject deliveries for these none service areas.

 The link below shows the confirmed road closures but there will be other closures without notice. This will obviously cause congestion on other major routes within the city during the month and we will react and communicate accordingly.

 We will provide further updates next week. In the meantime, please contact member support for any further information on the attached.

Pall-Ex service update


Dear valued customer, 

Following a further review of service, it has become necessary to amend the below postcode areas to economy only. This is a temporary measure to stabilise service into this area and we will keep you updated as and when we are able to reinstate full service.
 Therefore, with immediate effect:

Postcodes:E1-3, 5, 7-10, 13-16, 20 & 98

CR4, 7, SW2, 4, 8, 9, 11-20
1 2 3 4 5

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