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Looking for a Heavy Equipment Transporter?

Posted on Thursday, June 18th by Pallet2ship logo

So you have some heavy equipment to ship, but you have not chosen your transporter just yet. Well, before you do, remember that this is a very important choice you need to make, so you should consider a few things in advance in order to make the right choice. First and foremost, make sure you do not hire just any transporter you come across, but one that is experienced and has built a good reputation within the industry. In the end, you have quite a few options from brokers to shipping companies to owner-operators.

How to choose a transporter

There are a number of criteria that differentiate transporters from one another as far as the quality of their services is concerned. Here are some of them to start with.

1. The profile

If you want to learn about a transporter's performance on the profile market, then places like uShip are the best to start your research. You should be able to find a great deal of very useful details with regard to the quality of a transporter's services and their reliability on their profile. Therefore, it is bound to be of great use in your making a well informed decision.

2. Reviews and licensing

Once you have checked the transporter's profile, you should verify whether they have got a license and check their MC and USDOT numbers too. In fact, you should consider doing a full background check for this kind of research is bound to reveal a lot of useful information about the business they are running, such as their safety rating and much more.

3. The delivery times

The delivery times proposed by a transporter can be clear indicators of their method of operation. Thus, extended delivery times can point to a large number of transfers and therefore to increased risks of wear and tear. By cons, shorter delivery times are generally associated with lower risks of damage during transportation. However, should the delivery times proposed by the transporter seem too short, you should ask about the on-time delivery rate.

4. The insurance terms

As for the insurance, which is required, the transporter you are looking for will have a claims-to-damage ratio below 1.5%. Also, you should be able to purchase more insurance either from the transporter or a third party if needed. In this context, it should be noted that most companies provide insurance against damage, theft or loss for vehicles shipped through them, additional insurance being available for purchase upon acceptance of a bid.

Exchange information with your transporter

Once you have chosen a transporter to work with, try your best to build an open business relationship with them, one based on a continuous exchange of information for this will enable them to estimate both your shipment and your needs more accurately. In the end, the cost and time estimates will vary depending on a selection of factors from the availability of pickup and drop-off equipment to any precautions that might need to be taken.

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