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About Export Sales Documentation

Posted on Wednesday, May 20th by Pallet2ship logo

The success of export sales depends on a number of factors, one of which has to do with the way in which the shipping arrangements are made by you, the initiator. Naturally, these arrangements involve certain documentation to be taken care of, which tends to make the whole process appear quite daunting. However, a closer look into it all will reveal that export sales are very similar to domestic sales as far as the documentation requirements are concerned.

First of all, you still have to deal with invoices, just like you would if you were selling a widget or any other item to someone across town. Also, you may be asked by your customer to meet some special requirements as far as the packaging is concerned. For instance, they may require a packing list or ask you to mark the cases separately. And then there is the special documentation you need to take care of in order for your shipment to reach its destination efficiently. It should be noted that the selection of documents required for export sales varies depending on a number of factors which include the country of destination and the type of cargo, among others.

You can avoid a large part of the problems commonly related to the documentation requirements of export sales by hiring someone with extensive experience in shipping your particular kind of cargo to handle the logistics, be it a logistics company or a freight forwarder. Moreover, take every opportunity you have to ask questions and learn more about the specificities of your operation.

The whole process is bound to become even easier once you learn that there is a list of documents you need to handle regardless of the particularities of your export sale. This list includes the following:

1. A commercial invoice
2. A packing list
3. A certificate of origin (it should be noted that this certificate is only required for a selection of export sales)
4. Three bills of lading (ocean or air) in original as well as copies
5. A payment tool (it should be noted that there are a number of factors to be considered upon the choice of an export payment method)
6. Other documents (depending on the country of destination and a number of commodities). These will include a copy of the proforma invoice, a consular invoice, an inspection certificate, a health inspection certificate, an insurance certificate, a shipper's certificate for restricted or dangerous goods issued by IATA, an import or export license, warehouse and dock receipts, etc.

Should you encounter any problems in terms of obtaining or filling in any of the aforementioned documents, you can turn to software programs for assistance and have the documentation required for the completion of your export sale executed electronically. Such services are also available with professional logistics companies which provide their services worldwide. Therefore, you can also seek the services of one such company which can guarantee a smooth and highly efficient export sale in order to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

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