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The Costs of Shipping Overseas

Posted on Sunday, November 9th by Pallet2ship logo

People often fear the costs involved with having goods shipped overseas. However, their fear is often unjustified for they are really not that high. Of course, they may vary depending on a number of factors, which include the size and weight of the parcel to be delivered, among others. In their turn, the two may vary depending on the international travel regulations, which require that the goods be packed safely. Therefore, you should always check whether you have packed your items properly first and only then ask about the shipping costs. Also note that you should not seal your parcel for you may be asked to reveal its contents for inspection.

There may be several international shipping services you can choose from, depending on the type of parcel you are delivering. Its size and weight are relevant in this case too, as will be its destination. You can have it delivered to that destination within a working day if it is inside Europe, Canada or the US or within two working days if it is anywhere else. As expected, this shipping service will involve the highest costs, which will vary depending, as mentioned earlier, on the size and weight of the parcel, as well as on the parcel company.

Your next option in terms of costs would be a shipping service which delivers within three working days. As with the previous one, this service will also include a shipment tracking service and provide you with confirmation of delivery. In this case, the costs will vary depending on the type of parcel you are delivering and its size.

Finally, your cheapest option is an economy service. Such services are available with the majority of parcel companies and are the most convenient for you if your budget is limited and your delivery is not urgent. You may not receive any confirmation of delivery, which can take as much as one month, but you will save a lot of money.

The costs revealed by parcel companies are usually not the final ones, the VAT and customs fees not being included. As far as the specified delivery times are concerned, they usually include the customs inspections. However, these times may extend depending on the destination of the parcel and whether the contents of the parcel are subjected to further inspections as required by the law of the country of destination.

What the costs do include, both in the case of regular parcel services and international ones, is basic insurance. However, you should make sure the insurance you are provided covers the value of your items before you sign an agreement. There may be upper size and weight limits that will shortlist your options or you may want to be able to track your shipment and receive confirmation of delivery which will eliminate a few more. Generally, the costs of shipping overseas should be somewhere between around 10 and 50 pounds (VAT not included), depending on the type of shipping service provided, the destination and the size and weight of the parcel to be delivered.

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