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10 Reasons Why Deliveries by Courier Companies Are Recommended

Posted on Sunday, November 2nd by Pallet2ship logo

There appears to be a lot of confusion around parcel delivery services, courier companies and the best choices to be made when looking to make a delivery. Here are ten facts about courier companies that recommend them in such situations.

No. 1: Courier companies respond to any delivery needs you may have right away. They can deliver your shipments within a few hours.

With courier companies, deliveries are made via road transportation, so there are standard time frames within which your shipments should reach their destination.

No. 2: Having deliveries made by courier companies is a more cost effective solution than turning to overnight shipping or express shipping services, especially when bulky or heavy shipments are involved.

With courier companies, the costs are mainly determined by the distance over which a delivery are made and only secondarily by the shipping weight. Thus, it makes very little difference whether your shipment weighs 20 or 200 pounds. Pick a 60-mile or shorter destination and check out the costs involved with an overnight delivery service as opposed to a same day courier one to verify it.

No. 3: Courier services are available round the clock, whereas standard shipping ones are not.

Usually, standard shipping companies cease to make deliveries after certain hours of the evening while also being unavailable on weekends or holidays.

No. 4: Courier companies provide customization options and charge reasonable fees.

Such services provide most convenient solutions for businesses, for instance, delivering goods to the doorstep. They are recommended for delivering fragile or perishable items ranging from medications to plants. Moreover, they route deliveries for repeat shipping orders weekly.

No. 5: Courier companies offer high-quality delivery services, using highly-qualified drivers, doing background checks and providing insurance with their deliveries

Such companies address urgent delivery needs by having dispatchers and shipment tracking systems available round the clock.

No. 6: Courier services provide an ideal solution to maintaining in-house company fleets.

Courier companies can manage your customer deliveries and inventories, thus allowing you to focus on your primary goals, to manage your sales more closely.

No. 7: The lists of services of courier companies also include specialised delivery services which are usually not available with standard shipping companies.

Services such as last flight out deliveries, white glove deliveries or legal process serving, among others, are available with courier companies, but not with many of the standard shipping ones.

No. 8: Courier companies offer freight pooling solutions.

Courier companies will manage several deliveries to be made within one area simultaneously, thus reducing the shipping costs significantly.

No. 9: Courier companies address the needs of retail businesses by providing same day delivery services.

Same day delivery services not only provide a cheaper shipping alternative, but also encourage customer satisfaction, loyalty and response.

No. 10: Courier companies are available all around the world.

Finding a good courier company to manage your deliveries should not be too difficult. Whether running a business in a small town or a large city, high-quality courier services should be available to you.

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