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Courier Services versus Parcel Delivery Services

Posted on Sunday, October 26th by Pallet2ship logo

A quick online search will reveal that the Internet is bristled with posts by people who have had negative experiences with the parcel delivery services offered. However, one of the explanations behind all this lies in the fact that people tend to mistake parcel delivery services for courier services.

Parcel delivery services involve very low costs, so they provide a highly convenient alternative to the Royal Mail and therefore for sellers like the ones on eBay, for example. The process itself appears quite simple too. First, the parcel to be delivered is picked up from the mentioned location, loaded into the vehicle and delivered to the seller's central hub, where it gets sorted. Once that process is complete, it is loaded in another vehicle and delivered to the destination. When it comes to logistics though, things are not as simple, as probably expected. But there are ways to simplify that process as well. Here are some of them.

1. Make sure your label is clear

The delivery process should all run very smoothly if the label on your parcel is clear as they will know exactly where they need to deliver that parcel. Otherwise, it will be put aside to be sorted out later on, which can lead to a delay in delivery.

2. Add a postcode

You should add your postcode on your label for it will tell them exactly what part of the country you want your parcel to be delivered to. Also, the risks of it being misread are far lower than with street names or town names.

3. Make sure your parcel is wrapped well

It is very important that you wrap your parcel properly for it may go through the hands of as many as 12 people throughout its delivery. The use of bubble wrap is recommended, for instance, as is that of sturdy boxes. Also, you should not wrap your item once, but several times for additional safety.

4. Insure your parcel

Parcel delivery companies usually provide insurance with their deliveries. However, should the one of your choice not provide it, you can insure your parcel for just a few pounds and thus be covered in the event that it suffers any loss or damage during its delivery.

It is important to remember that parcel delivery services offer short shipping times and involve low shipping costs. However, it is just as important to remember that they are not recommended in all situations. Some items should be delivered using courier services instead. This is usually the case of fragile or valuable items. Indeed, the costs will be a little higher, but the risks of damage will be significantly lower for with this kind of service, your parcel is only handled by one person, who delivers it to the doorstep. Therefore, you do not have to worry about depots and the like. However, you should still pay attention to the way you wrap your parcel and insure it just to be on the safe side.

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