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3 Tips on How to Grow Your Export Business

Posted on Tuesday, September 16th by Pallet2ship logo

According to analyses performed by experts in the field, containerised export rates have increased constantly over the last few years, thus creating a favourable context for export businesses to grow. Therefore, your export business can grow as well. As a token of our support, here are three tips to help you achieve this goal.

Tip no. 1: Build as many relationships as possible

Curiously enough, people often overlook the importance of building relationships to the growth of their businesses despite acknowledging it. Relationships with people in your target countries are essential for the success of your export business.

So if you do not have any such relationships, you should start building them. Decide which countries you want to export to and focus on them first. They might open new doors for you and your export business.

Social networks such as LinkedIn, for example, greatly facilitate this process. However, it should be noted that some countries like China, for instance, do not allow the use of social media websites. Therefore, personal meetings with prospective clients or distributors are recommended.

The Commercial Services can also provide assistance in this respect.

However, it is important to remember that your aim is to form relationships not only with your consignees, but with all your export partners, from suppliers to employees and freight forwarders. Please note that we are ready to provide our assistance in case you are looking for a reliable logistics partner.

Tip no. 2: Learn about the culture of your target countries

You should familiarise yourself with the cultures of your target countries for it can prove very helpful in your endeavour to build solid business relationships. Otherwise, not only will your business stagnate, but you might find yourself in embarrassing or costly situations.

Learn from people who are familiar with the cultures of the countries you want to export to, from people from those cultures, from people also doing business in those countries you want to export to.

Tip no. 3: Focus on expanding your business

Not many people have the necessary instincts to expand their business. However, this is what the growth of a business is based on. Your business may even expand on its own. For instance, you may be doing business in China at the moment but planning on spreading to Korea, Australia and Germany, in which case it may prove rather difficult to maintain the initial quality of your services.

Committing yourself to providing services of a better quality for your current customers and increasing your effectiveness may prove to be a more profitable option than spreading your business to other regions.

Focus on your best products and services rather than on providing an extensive offer. Focus on reaching the highest quality levels for those particular products and services. This approach may bring you more clients in a particular region. Once you have achieved that, it might be easier for you to spread your business to other regions.

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