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The Irish-British freight traffic has been affected by Brexit

Posted on Monday, September 6th by Pallet2ship logo

According to an Irish government agency report, the post-Brexit freight traffic between Britain and Ireland has decreased, while traffic with other European countries has raised.   

Transports coming from Britain have decreased by 35% since the 31st of December when the country left the European Union, due to the new Brexit regulation and additional checks, but the number of transports to mainland Europe has doubled. 

Freight traffic between Irish and British ports, also called the RoRo, was 20% lower in the second quarter compared to the same period in 2019, while volumes on Irish/EU routes were up 99% in 2019, the Irish Maritime Development Office (IMDO) said.

One of the most important factors related to the changes was traders refusing to use the British land bridge. Traders are avoiding this route due to the delays caused by the new custom regulation.

"It is clear in the first six months since Brexit, the configuration of Irish RoRo traffic has been significantly altered," said the agency, which provides support to maritime businesses in Ireland.

The value of the Irish-British traffic is now estimated to be 67% of all Irish Ro-Ro volumes compared to 84% two years ago, and the direct routes to the EU have doubled their share to 33%.

However, according to IMDO, this does not mean the trade with other EU countries has increased, but it is a reconfiguration of the supply chains away from the UK land bridge.

On the other hand, the freight traffic through ports in Northern Ireland has reached the highest level since 2007, because the hauliers who used to access markets in the English midlands and southeast via Dublin Port, now decided to ship goods directly from Northern Ireland.

Even though there are checks implemented for goods traveling from the rest of the United Kingdom into Northern Ireland, goods can travel freely the other way. However, before Brexit, shipping via Dublin was a speedier option for hauliers.

Source: Reuters

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