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Some UK transport companies are considering moving to the EU

Posted on Thursday, July 22nd by Pallet2ship logo

Haulage Exchange, a company that provides technology for the logistics industry, polled management at 16 of the UK's largest haulage companies for the report.

More than half of the UK haulage companies are considering expanding their operations into the EU, as it may represent a good opportunity considering the Brexit changes and the driver shortage crisis, this is shown in a survey made by Haulage Exchange, a company that provides technology for the logistics industry.

At the moment, the endless border delays, the driver shortage crisis, the increased costs, and time represent the ultimate challenges the UK transport companies are struggling with.

The survey shows that 81% of the companies declared they are dealing with increased border waiting times, 69% are complaining about the new bureaucracy, and only 6% said that no impact on their business has been noticed after the 1st of January. 

Also, the study analyzed the hauliers' point of view about business in the EU. Furthermore, 56% of them already moved some operations in the EU, or are planning to do so, and 19% are thinking that a solution in this time of crisis is closing the businesses with the EU countries. 

The survey also showed that some of the companies tried to move goods on alternative routes, but half of them experienced longer journey times on those routes.

As expected, the current situation leads to increased prices: around 70% of hauliers had already increased their prices, and 31% are saying "costs will be rising next year or in the near future".

More than half of the companies surveyed declared they no longer transport food&drinks, due to the new Brexit protocol and regulation. However, things will get even worse after the 1st of January 2022, when the full border inspections will be implemented. 

The report concluded: "Even at this early stage, it's clear that Brexit has had a profound effect on the UK's haulage industry. When we asked hauliers just how Brexit has affected them, 69% said it has caused them to lose business, while 19% are no longer working with EU companies. In addition, a quarter feels unable to plan properly due to ongoing uncertainty."

Source: Evening Standard

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