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DHL Freight launches "EVO", new Transport Management System, in France

Posted on Thursday, February 13th by Pallet2ship logo

DHL has recently launched EVO, an operational IT platform, expected to contain all core products by 2022. The next step would be the EVO platform launching in Turkey. 

DHL Freight has begun working at the development of a single Transport Management System (TMS) for all DHL Freight operations throughout Europe. The IT system, named EVO, referring to "evolution," mixes all functions for core business operations. The first step has already been taken as EVO has now been launched in all terminals in France. Turkey is set to be the next point of implementation.

Uwe Brinks, CEO of DHL Freight said "EVO is a great example of how we can benefit from the Digitalization in our business. The availability of data and data quality are becoming increasingly decisive factors. A single, unified platform across Europe increases our efficiency even further and eases the daily life for our employees at the same time. Everyone can access consolidated customer information in real-time, affording transparency for the operational staff throughout the entire production chain. This also enables a high degree of automation and reduces administrative work."

The new platform combines many processes, starting from order entries, collection/ delivery processes, issuing invoices, etc. EVO is an existing concept, based on the development of the specific requirements of DHL Freight operations. Also, the implementation of this new TMS allows customers to coordinate their shipments, which leads to the improvement of customer service.

The implementation of EVO began at DHL Freight's operations in France.

Claude Brigand, CEO DHL Freight France declared "First week of December we have linked with Marne-la-Vallée not only our last but also one of our biggest Terminals in France to the new EVO Transport Management System. It was an exciting journey so far with intensive training and review sessions for our employees across the country. We are already now observing higher speed and process efficiency in interaction throughout our terminals in France and are looking forward to the further roll-out connecting us to other countries."

By limiting the implementation of the TMS to a country at a time, DHL Freight would be able to limit the risks before increasing the complexity as part of a European-wide roll-out. The full roll-out of EVO and replacement of former systems should be completed by 2022.

Stefano Arganese, Chief Digital Officer DHL Freight, stated "Having EVO up and working in France marks an important step in DHL Freight's FREIGHT 2025 strategy. Further harmonizing our systems environment will allow us to deliver the best possible service quality for our customers. I am especially proud that EVO is developed internally".

EVO is one of the many initiatives that tie into Deutsche Post DHL Group's "Strategy 2025 - Delivering excellence in a digital world". By 2025, DHL Group will have invested EUR 2 billion on initiatives designed to enhance customer and employee experience as well as improve operational excellence. Comprehensively modernizing the company's IT systems is an elemental part of the strategy, which also focuses on increased automation, robotics, and data analytics.

Source: DHL Group 

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