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Restrictions on Packing Liquids and Potentially Dangerous Goods

Posted on Tuesday, July 8th by Pallet2ship logo

Certain items cannot be included in the luggage to be loaded on board an aircraft for various safety, security and financial reasons. Some cannot be included in the hand luggage while some cannot be included in the luggage at all. Some items require the prior approval of the airline.

Individual airports are allowed to retain any items they deem dangerous outside of the list of prohibited articles. Therefore, it is better to contact the airline and airport in advance for any questions.

Medical items and medication

You can include basic medicines in your hand luggage. However, should any be liquid, you need the consent of the airline or airport to carry more than 100 ml. You also need to present a letter from your physician.

Medical items such as oxygen bottles also require the consent of the airline or airport. Some airlines do not allow their passengers to carry their oxygen bottles, but provide them if requested. Charges may be retained.

You should inform the airline if your medicines or medical items may cause you to not meet the requirements. Once again, you may need to present a letter from your physician.

If concerned about the flight affecting your health, you can consult the FAQ section on passenger health put together by the CAA's Aviation Health Unit.

Wheelchairs and mobility aids

You also need to inform the airline about any battery-powered wheelchairs or mobility aids you want to load on board the aircraft. The batteries will be disabled prior to take-off to prevent fire risks.
"¢ Information for passengers with mobility issues

Dangerous items

According to international standards, passengers can include dangerous items in their hand luggage or their verified luggage or carry them on themselves. However, dangerous items can be prohibited by the security screening agency or the airline or subject to various restrictions for aviation safety reasons.

You cannot carry sharp knives, guns, ammo or scissors in the cabin, neither in your hand luggage nor on yourself.

Instructions on dangerous items that can be included in the hand luggage or verified luggage or carried on oneself, as well as prohibited items have been published by the CAA. The prior approval of the airline may be required.

"¢ Prohibited items
"¢ Approved items

Excess luggage

Any hand luggage that does not meet the size and weight requirements may have to be transferred to the hold, in which case it must be checked for dangerous items that are only allowed in the cabin.

Liquids allowed in the hand luggage

Try to pack your liquids, namely your hairspray, shaving foam, toothpaste, lipsticks or mascara, in your hold luggage. provides information on liquids that can be included in the hand luggage.

Empty water bottles

Empty water bottles can be carried in the hand luggage.

Packing on return

Do not purchase any items that are not allowed on board the aircraft.

Other restricted goods

"¢ Goods that do not meet import requirements
"¢ Food and plant restrictions

Assistance with travel problems

If you believe you have been wrongfully deprived of your right to take a particular item on board the aircraft, you can approach the CAA.

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