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RHA disagrees with Oxford zero-emission plan

Posted on Monday, January 13th by Pallet2ship logo

RHA (Road Haulage Association) has stated that charging vehicles to enter to the zero-emission zone in Oxford will affect various transport and logistics companies. 

The charge is seen just as an extra tax applied to business, considering that currently there are no zero-emission vehicles, according to RHA.

The proposal to establish "˜Red Zone' has been considered by Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council since December, and the trucks which do not meet zero-emission will be charged with £10 daily. 

According to the plan, the charge would only apply between 7 am-7 pm. 

Richard Burnett, RHA chief executive, declared: "If council chiefs are serious about slashing emissions they need to focus on improving road infrastructure. Current plans mean that consumers will face higher prices in the shops as hard-pressed firms have no choice but to pass on the extra costs."

"Imposing a scheme where even the cleanest, Euro VI trucks will be hit with charges is absurd. The councils have offered no evidence to show how these measures will improve air quality so we can only conclude this is all about showcasing their green credentials instead of making the tough choices to tackle emissions."

"These are poorly conceived ideas which will leave Oxford's communities footing the bill with price hikes in the high street if they go ahead."

Richard Burnett is focused to obtain exemptions for business based within the zone as discriminatory, highlighting that most of them operating into the area will be based outside the zone - many of them within a few miles of the city centre.

The councils' informal consultation is open until Friday 31 January. A formal consultation will follow in March before a decision in spring. The RHA will be responding in due course.

Source: Forwarder Magazine

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