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Green Supply Chain Solutions Are the Future

Posted on Friday, April 22nd by Pallet2ship logo

Today's environmental context is forcing more and more companies to adopt green supply chain management solutions in order to achieve an entire range of purposes, from increasing their revenues to improving their efficiency to consolidating their reputation on the market. Here is an introduction to some of the main areas where green solutions are being implemented more and more consistently.

No. 1: Product footprinting

The concept of product footprinting is generically associated with the carbon impact of a given product on the environment and is known to play a highly important role in the supply chain industry. More specifically, product footprint analyses measure the energy efficiency of given products and the product waste volume, while also taking a closer look at the solutions used to produce and transport raw materials, among others. In other words, they allow for the assessment of the resource potential of businesses operating within the shipping industry while also pointing out various solutions that can help consolidate the position of a given brand on the market based on the company's social accountability, as reflected by the green supply chain solutions adopted by it.

No. 2: Product transportation

When it comes to the transportation of goods or products, seeking green solutions is equally recommended whether running a freight transportation business yourself or using the freight transportation services provided by another party. The use of environmentally friendly solutions for transportation purposes will impact not only the environment by limiting the carbon emission levels but your reputation on the profile market as well by recommending your business as being a green or environmentally friendly one. Moreover, it will cause the limitation of your fuel consumption, thus allowing you to limit your expenses as well. An additional way to keep the fuel consumption under control is to equip the vehicles used to ensure the transportation of goods or products with fuel efficient tyres. In fact, you should look into as many scenarios that can result in limited carbon emissions and thus allow for significant money savings in the long run as possible. Last but not least, you should invest in the proper training of your drivers with the purpose of raising their awareness as far as the use of environmentally friendly practices and their role are concerned.

No. 3: Current practices

In the end, it is all about investing and not just money, but time too. You need to take the time to assess your current practices in order to be able to improve them so that they meet the environmental requirements of the moment. These improved practices may include using energy-saving light bulbs instead of regular ones, instructing your employees to take on an environmentally friendly approach in their practices and approaches, recycling, reusing and reducing the use of your various resources and so on. All these constitute the secret to saving money in the long term, increasing your revenues and consolidating your position as a successful business within the shipping industry.

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