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Useful Tips on Business Relocation

Posted on Thursday, November 26th by Pallet2ship logo

Relocating a business is not the same as moving into a new house, there being a number of other very important factors to consider apart from packing and transportation. The customers constitute one of these factors in the sense that the transition must be as smooth as possible in order for your productivity levels to not be affected. Here are a few tips on business relocation to help you keep your business afloat during the transition.

1. Maintain the fluidity of your business

For starters, you should delegate tasks to your staff members and make sure everybody knows what their responsibilities are throughout the business relocation process. This includes having a communications person handle the concerns of your business partners.

The technological aspect is also essential in maintaining the fluidity of your business during the relocation process. Therefore, you should only have the updated equipment moved to the new business location. It is recommended that you contact an IT relocation consultant to assist you in the process.

Finally, should an immediate switch to the new location be impossible, you need to find a place to store your supplies. However, make sure you do not store away those supplies that are decisive to maintaining the fluidity of your business throughout the relocation process.

2. Maintain the productivity of your business

A first very important step towards maximum productivity during the business relocation process involves the scheduling of specific tasks from packing to unpacking to resuming full activity at the highest standards.

This goal is also conditioned by the full availability of phone and internet services during the transition. Therefore, make sure your services are available at both your old and your new business location at all times. Also, try not to move your equipment when likely to be contacted by customers.

Also note that unexpected situations may occur at any time during the business relocation process. Therefore, you should have staff members prepared to manage such situations, which may include system configurations, system repairs, utilities problems, connection problems or the like.

You might also want to remember that business relocation being a hassle as it is, you do not need your staff members swarming around at the new location looking for their equipment all the time. Fortunately, this can easily be avoided by mapping out the new office layout.

The risks of loss and damage are also very high when swapping business locations, so make sure you take the necessary precautions to ensure the maximum protection of both your expensive equipment and sensitive documentation.

3. Maintain rapport with your customers

Customer retention during business relocation can be handled using various strategies. In terms of marketing, you might want to send out postcards informing your contacts on your relocation while thanking them for their support over time.

Also, you should organise an opening at the new business location, thus giving people an opportunity to check out your business while enjoying free refreshments and entertaining events.

Lastly, inform the local business networking groups on your business relocation. Meet as many business owners in the area as possible and think of various types of partnerships you may develop to both your best interest and theirs.

Good luck!

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