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The Progress Made in Packaging over the Years

Posted on Sunday, November 22nd by Pallet2ship logo

Although the importance of packaging is often overlooked, this particular area of the shipping process has a great impact on both the consumers and the efficiency of products of all sorts. Fortunately, following the progress made in packaging over the years is no difficult job. All it takes is a closer look at a product as simple the ketchup bottle, for example. So, here is a short introduction into the evolution of ketchup bottle designs over the years to reveal the significant role packaging plays as part of the shipping process.

At first glance, ketchup bottles have evolved from glass bottles that need to be hit in order to open and require a spoon for taking the ketchup out to plastic bottles that need to be squeezed and allow the extra ketchup to form a crust at the top to plastic bottles that feature silicon valves so that they can be held upside down without leaking or needing wiping. However, each of these designs has come with a number of pros and cons in the attempt to meet the needs and preferences of ketchup consumers around the world.

Let us start with the glass ketchup bottles. The list of advantages of this particular form of packaging starts at the safe containment of the product and continues with the convenient twist off closure that can be resealed. The label providing all the necessary product information should also be noted. However, the shape of the packaging makes it rather difficult for the product to be taken out, especially in the proper amount. Moreover, the choice of the material is not ideal, being associated with a high risk of cuts if broken.

Plastic bottles with flip top caps eliminate the risk of cuts while also ensuring the safe containment of the product. Moreover, they eliminate the problem of product dispensing and allotment by being designed to be squeezed and take shorter to open and use as well. Finally, the label communicating the product information is preserved. The main drawback of this particular type of packaging lies in the need to clean the cap after each use to avoid the formation of ketchup crusts.

However, it is the latest ergonomic bottles with silicon valves and inverted caps that provide the most convenient solution, in terms of the mess made upon the use of the product as well. The main drawback in this case, though, is that these ketchup bottles do not provide a proper solution in terms of product allotment either.

It should be noted that, in the end, it is consumers who impact the evolution of products most significantly. They require the creation of more convenient designs, whether of ketchup bottles or any other product, although this advantage often causes the costs to be higher. However, ketchup bottles make an exception, the switch from glass models to plastic ones bringing about cost reductions rather than increases. If looking at the bid picture, the progress made in packaging over the years has led to ketchup bottles being easier and easier to use with each new model introduced on the market. What about the future? Where will it lead in the future?

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