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Shipping Cars Overseas

Posted on Tuesday, July 8th by

Knowing how the auto export and overseas car shipping processes work is always important, regardless of whether you want to move or start a profile business overseas. The information in this article also applies to shipping motorcycles, motor homes or boats, not just to what is generally referred to as “cars” or “autos”. First, here is some information on the equipment used for shipping cars overseas.

There are a number of overseas car shipping options. They are full container shipping, RORO shipping and flat rack shipping. The former two are the most popular, whereas the latter constitutes a solution in case the vehicles do not meet the width requirements.

Full container shipping

, also known as intermodal container shipping, is the most commonly used overseas car shipping method. It includes FCL (full container) shipping, where the car is shipped separately, and LCL (less than container) shipping, where it shares the container with other cargo. More information on the various types of containers can be found at http://www.evergreen-marine.com/tei1/jsp/TEI1_Containers.jsp .

RORO shipping

involves transportation of oversize cargo on board vessels with large warehouses. Not all US ports provide RORO shipping to all destinations around the world. Therefore, you should check whether your freight forwarder ships to and from the destination you are interested in.

Air freight car shipping

is an emergency overseas car shipping solution. In fact, it is the only option whenever urgent car shipping is needed. As expected, the costs associated with this shipping method are significantly higher.

Although not an overseas car shipping option, breakbulk shipping is also worth looking into. This shipping method provides a solution for transporting loose cargo which cannot be shipped via intermodal containers. Such cargo includes oils, grains or minerals, among others.

In order to have your car shipped overseas, you need to:

• Provide the original car title (this applies to all vehicles except boats)
• Provide the bill of sale, which must indicate the sale value
• Provide an EIN number (required by US customs)
• Deliver the car with a maximum gas level of 1/8 of the tank

A Power of Attorney (POA) and a Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI) are also required. The former grants the freight forwarder permission to file your export dossier on your behalf, whereas the latter will indicate the cargo details, which include the shipper, the consignee, the total value of the cargo and so on. It is important to know that the freight forwarder cannot be held in any way responsible for any damage to the cargo that might occur during transportation. Most often, a maximum liability cost of £500 is stipulated in the Terms and Conditions printed on their documentation. Therefore, it is safest to pay for marine insurance.

Finally, if you make proceedings for shipping one car only, then you should also look into whether the freight forwarder has a consolidation to your shipping destination or not. If they do, consolidation shipping is recommended for single car needs. If they do not, you can require full container or RORO shipping.

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