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The Advantages of Using Wood Crates in Shipping

Posted on Wednesday, November 11th by Pallet2ship logo

The use of wood crates for shipping purposes is highly advantageous for a number of different reasons. Here are five of the main advantages that recommend wood crates as an option to be seriously considered in your future shipping activity.

1. Wood crates protect the cargo against exterior factors"¦

The use of wood crates in shipping causes a significantly lower risk of damage to the goods being shipped, potentially harmful factors being kept away at all times as if by some sort of barrier. These factors include various elements found in the outside environment from moisture to dirt, among many others.

2. Wood crates are space effective"¦

Another reason why the use of wood crates is highly recommended is because it allows significant space savings to be made. As you can probably imagine, space constitutes a very big problem when it comes to shipping. Wood crates eliminate this problem by allowing the height of facilities to be used just as effectively as the floor space as they can be placed one on top of the other and thus stacked very conveniently.

3. Wood crates are available in ergonomic designs"¦

There are a lot of factors that can help achieve maximised efficiency levels in shipping. The design of the materials and equipment used is one of them. An inspired choice of the design can make the loading and unloading of the cargo to be shipped a lot easier, thus allowing significant savings to be made in terms of both time and effort. This rule of thumb also applies to wood crates.

4. Wood crates are reusable"¦

In the shipping industry too, cost effectiveness is one of the ultimate goals and, as many can confirm, the best way to achieve it is by making smart investments. Wood crates are a smart investment. Moreover, they are a smart investment for the long haul. This quality goes hand in hand with the previous one in that some wood crates have a collapsible design so as to be easier to return. Once again, knocking them down when not needed allows significant space savings to be made.

5. Wood crates are available in custom designs"¦

Another ultimate goal in shipping is to ensure a maximised protection of the goods to be shipped and this is tightly connected to the design of the containers or materials used. This leads us to another very important advantage of wood crates, which lies in the fact that they are available in custom designs. They are available in a variety of sizes and the closure options are varied as well. In addition to this, they can be specifically designed to ensure the maximum protection of the goods to be shipped by accommodating a particular kind of interior packaging.

As mentioned in the beginning, these are only some of the main factors that recommend wood crates as an ideal solution for shipping a variety of products. In the end, the list not being exhaustive is even more reason for you to take the advice of experts in the field and consider them in your future shipping activity.

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