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Faster Delivery Times Equal More Loyal Customers

Posted on Friday, October 2nd by Pallet2ship logo

As many successful business owners can testify, paying attention to the needs and wants of customers everywhere is one of the key success factors in the business world. Why? Because the happier the customers are, the more likely it is that they will become repeat customers. Therefore, retailers and wholesalers alike invest a great deal in their delivery services in an attempt to reach the highest standards in terms of both timeliness and safety. Local providers of courier services find themselves in a particularly favourable position, being able to make deliveries within as little as two hours.

Nowadays, fast delivery times have become a common expectation among buyers worldwide as a result of online sellers like Amazon or eBay offering same-day delivery services to customers making online purchases of products shipped from distribution centres, warehouses and stores nationwide. Following their example, large retail companies have turned to the centralisation of individual store inventories by coordinating the activity of their retail outlets with that of the top management structures and that of their online promoters, respectively. As a result, customers can have the products they have ordered online delivered from the local store to them within 24 hours.

In this context, investing in meeting the ever-increasing expectations of customers worldwide as far as same-day delivery services are concerned is a must for individual retailers and wholesalers. Their success on the profile market and the ability to build a consistent customer base are conditioned by an excellent quality of these services. Customer satisfaction is an essential factor in achieving customer loyalty, which means not only repeat business, but also additional publicity and implicitly, an increased chance to grow the customer base. Word-of-mouth advertising has proven to be a very powerful customer base expansion strategy, one that goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction as it enables new customers to shop while already having a positive perspective on the business.

Partnering up with a local courier service provider that delivers on their promises and has a consistent business is also essential. Careless drivers should be avoided as much as possible. In the end, nothing good can come out of working with people who do not invest in customer satisfaction or make efforts to meet the pre-established deadlines or preserve the good condition of the merchandise they are entrusted with.

Last but not least, it is also very important to take a look at the policies and plans of as many local courier service providers as possible before contracting one. The chances of benefiting from the best quality same-day delivery services are significantly higher with insured courier service providers that guarantee the safety of delivered merchandise and offer real-time tracking services. The signed confirmation of a delivery being made and the ability to adapt to a customer's needs are also indicators of a high level of professionalism and recommend a courier service provider as a reliable business partner. In other words, they also stand out as playing a key role in building customer loyalty.

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