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Making Improvements in the Logistics Sector – The KISS Method

The KISS method (Keep It Significant and Shareable) has managed to consolidate its position in the business world as one of the most effective ways to make improvements in the logistics sector, regardless of the particular domain one runs their activity in. Undoubtedly, one of the secrets behind the success of this method lies in its simplicity.

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return to sender

Keeping Items That Have Been Delivered to You by Mistake

As children, we are taught to always return what is not ours. Naturally, the same rule should apply to items that are delivered to us by mistake.

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Who Is to Blame for Cargo Going Missing and Mix-ups?

Let us picture the following scenario. We have got one sealed cargo container filled with bottles of cooking oil.

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Useful Tips on Business Relocation

Relocating a business is not the same as moving into a new house, there being a number of other very important factors to consider apart from packing and transportation. The customers constitute one of these factors in the sense that the transition must be as smooth as possible in order for your productivity levels to not be affected.

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salvage cost

The Real Freight Claim Costs

Freight claim costs are commonly associated with the costs of damaged goods or the amounts lost upon partial reimbursement. However, they include an entire range of other costs as well.

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