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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Shipping Plants

Posted on Friday, June 26th by Pallet2ship logo

Shipping plants is no customary transportation job because it requires a few assessments that are not usually required with other types of shipping jobs. Whether it is household plants or garden plants that you want shipped to a new location, the two are equally fragile and therefore the issue of their transportation will be equally delicate.

Many people think twice having their plants shipped and often reach the conclusion that it is simply not worth their time, money or effort. For starters, small plants may be relatively easy to ship by common carriers. Larger plants, on the other hand, require specialized assistance from either a plant shipping company or a driver who can guarantee their safety and deliver them unharmed. Here are a few pieces of advice to help you decide whether having your plants shipped to a different location is worthwhile in your case.

Advantages of shipping your plants

People are often willing to overcome all difficulties when it comes to things that are dear to them. Similarly, the hassle of shipping plants often passes as irrelevant when it comes to plants that have sentimental value. You may have invested a lot in them emotionally, just like you may have done the same physically, which may prevent you from letting them go too easily too. Rare species also involve significant investments, so insisting on keeping them makes all the sense in the world. Leaving them behind would mean having to go through the even bigger hassle of finding them again at the new location and that might not even be an option in the first place. Of course, as expected, the easiest to decide is when the plants you intend to ship are small and easy to pack, when they do not have too many special requirements to take care of. Also, they may be too large for crating and moving them to be an option for financial considerations.

Disadvantages of shipping your plants

The reasons why people give up on the idea of having their plants shipped to a new location are probably just as numerous as those why people choose to keep their plants no matter what. However, plant owners easily get discouraged by the fact that investing in transportation services sometimes can turn out to be just as expensive as investing in new plants altogether. Therefore, they prefer offering them as gifts or other similar solutions. The decision is just as hard to make when it comes to plants that are rooted in the ground for their removal from the ground not only takes extended periods of time, but also poses a great threat to their health. In fact, the shock is often fatal to them. However, let us assume that you have overcome these two problems are overcome and your plants have reached their destination. Unfortunately, you are still not in the clear for legal restrictions may apply to your new location such as USDA quarantine measures, among many others. All these are reasons enough to convince you to think twice before making a decision and contacting someone about shipping your plants to a new location, however close or remote.

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