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10 Reasons for Choosing Courier Companies to Handle Your Deliveries

Posted on Tuesday, July 28th by Pallet2ship logo

Why take any risks when you can choose to have your goods delivered by professionals? Here are ten reasons why you should choose courier companies to handle your deliveries.

1. Courier companies can address urgent courier needs and make deliveries within the day.

Remember that this is a ground courier service. Assuming standard driving times, the courier should be able to reach the destination on the same day.

2. Courier companies tend to be cheaper than overnight or express shipping services, especially when it comes to bulky or heavy shipments.

The courier delivery quotes are based on the shipping distance rather than on the shipping weight. Therefore, you can have 20-pound and 200-pound shipments delivered at very similar prices. Choose a delivery point no farther than 60 miles and compare the costs of a same day courier service and an overnight delivery service.

3. Courier companies usually work round the clock.

Courier companies usually deliver on evenings, weekends and holidays too, whereas standard shipping companies do not.

4. With courier companies, you can get customized courier services at affordable prices.

You can count on courier companies to make door to door deliveries, to deliver sensitive items (e.g. food, medicines, vehicle parts, manufacturing plant parts) or to dispatch repeat deliveries weekly up to seven days.

5. Courier companies provide delivery insurance, perform background checks and set performance standards for their drivers.

Should your delivery be urgent or time sensitive, you can rely on courier companies to track it and provide delivery assurance. This way, you can rest assured that your shipment will make it to the destination safely and on time.

6. Courier companies provide full time, temporary or seasonal delivery services, thus reducing the need for in-house fleets.

You can rely on courier companies to deliver your products to customers or to handle moving inventories, so that you can focus on your sales and other main goals instead.

7. Courier companies offer specialised courier services that are often unavailable with standard shipping service providers.

Most standard shipping service providers do not provide specialised courier services such as last flight out shipping, white glove shipping or legal process serving, among others.

8. Courier companies can reduce the delivery costs by providing freight pooling services.

They can combine several delivery schedules and handle several delivery jobs at the same time. This will lead to a significant drop in the delivery costs and most likely a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

9. Courier companies offer same day delivery services at affordable prices.

They can help you offer fast delivery times at reasonable costs, which is bound to lure more customers and cause an increase in sales, customer satisfaction levels as well as build customer loyalty.

10. Courier companies are an option almost anywhere you and your business may be.

Whether you need to make deliveries to small towns or large cities, chances are you will find a professional courier company to partner up with.

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