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supply chain management

Modernise Your Supply Chain Management Solutions

As a business owner, the modern age forces you to improve your business and explore the technological means of the time on a regular basis. Fortunately, as a supply chain manager, you can rely on a variety of solutions to any problems you may have to deal with in your business.

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air versus sea

Why Choose Air Freight Shipping over Ocean Freight Shipping?

As people playing various roles on various levels, we need to make decisions about everything we do or have to do in order to achieve our goals. The same rule applies within the context of international shipping too.

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Looking to Hire a Shipping Container?

So you are planning a shipment soon? If yes, the first thing you need is to find a good shipping container, one that can ensure the proper protection of your cargo for reasonable costs. To this end, let us take a closer look at your options and a few very important aspects you should bear in mind when searching to hire the right shipping container.

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shipping routes

Freight and Container Shipping from Asia to the United States

The activity of the freight shipping industry is conditioned by a wide range of factors, from the proper activity of ports to the evolution of the rates set by freight shipping companies to the activity of various important economic powers around the world. A closer look at the relevant numbers will reveal that the waters have been quite stormy in the US freight shipping area lately and the storm has not passed just yet.

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robots loading

Automation – A Revolutionary Trend in Logistics

The fact that we live in an era driven by technology is no surprise. However, we are yet to acknowledge the real value of innovation and the impact of various technological innovations in many of today’s most productive fields.

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