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Packing Your Fragile Items

Posted on Monday, February 17th by Pallet2ship logo

Let's face it no one likes packing. If you are getting ready to move, the process of cleaning and packing can be quite a laborious and time consuming task, especially if you have many fragile items to prepare.

Whilst non fragile items can simply be grouped and put into a single box containing other non fragile items, fragile items require a bit more care and attention if you want them to make the trip to your new home safely.

Preventing your most precious belongings from breaking while they are in transport is all about how you pack them for the move.

Below, we've included four easy tips for you to follow in order to assure that everything survives when moving day arrives! And, if you still haven't found your ideal home, why not check out www.propertydivas.com for a range of buying or letting options?

1. Get Prepared In Advance

If you have any porcelain, crystal or other breakables in your home they should be packed first. These items require the most care when being transported so you should get them out of the way (while you still have the energy to pack them properly).

Take your time while you pack them and get started a few days before you move. This will not only assure that they are packed correctly, but also help you stay organized giving you plenty of time to get it done right.

2. Use The Right Packing Supplies

In order to get the job done right, you'll need a few things; Packing paper, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, scissors, packing tape, a sharpie or black felt marker and an area to lay everything out and work in.

3. Packing The Most Fragile Items

Here we have provided some tips for packing and preparing some of the items that are the most prone to breaking during a move.

Plates- your plates can be packed vertically in small or medium sized boxes. Start by placing crumpled packing paper on the bottom and top. Wrap each plate individually with bubble wrap and fasten the bubble wrap in place with the tape. Use more packing paper to separate the plates as you place them in the box. Label the box clearly so that the movers know not to pile heavy objects on top of this box.

Glasses- begin packing your glasses by wrapping each glass separately with the packing paper. Once again, place packing paper between the glasses so that they do not crash into each other during the move. Layer the glass carefully with the heaviest ones on top. Label the box clearly make sure that you do not stack anything heavy on top.

Lamps- each of your lamps should have its own separate box. Wrap the ceramic fragile base in bubble wrap and secure it with packing paper. The shade should be placed in the box too, protect it by wrapping it in plastic or using the packing paper to help it hold shape.

Pictures & Frames- you will want to put your picture frames in small or medium boxes if they fit. Large picture frames should be moved in a hand wrapped cloth or blanket. Small and medium sized pictures can be wrapped in bubble wrap, secured with tape and placed in a box.

Other Items- Antiques, decorations, ornaments, and other fragile knickknacks that are oddly shaped can be difficult to pack. Choose a box that will fit the size of the item and pack each fragile piece individually so that they do not bump into each other. Wrap it in bubble wrap the best you can, and then secure it in the box by surrounding it with packing paper. If the item is wobbly, you may wish to secure it in the box with tape so that it does not move around. Once you have finished securing your item inside of the box, label it in bold print so that you know what is in there. If you are concerned about the item being broken by movers, take it with you and move it personally by hand.

4. Save Money On Supplies

If you do not wish to splurge on packing materials, you can save money by using old newspapers instead of packing paper. It is also a good idea to start collecting miscellaneous boxes a few months before you move so you have plenty of recycled cardboard to pack things in. However, we recommend that you invest in the bubble wrap because nothing else works quite as good for protecting your valuables.

Lastly, make sure that you communicate clearly with your movers or moving helpers so that they know which boxes contain the most fragile items. Often times precious cargo gets broken because the people moving do not know that they should treat it with care. This is why we suggest that you label everything clearly. This will also help you with organization when you are unpacking as well!

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