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cars in containers

How to Ship Cars in Containers Safely

The expansion of the marketplace at global level has taken the shipping and freight industry to a whole new level. In this context, buyers and sellers of goods alike aim for the highest efficiency levels in terms of moving their merchandise in order to gain an advantage over their competitors and thus be successful within the industry.

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Autonomous Drones

Autonomous Drones – An Innovative Air Cargo Shipping Solution

The subject of autonomous drones has been heavily debated over the past ten years, these pieces of equipment often being associated with military activity and their typically combative role. However, the advances made in the technological field and the increasing use of drones for civilian purposes are gradually managing to eliminate this sort of preconceived ideas.

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The Role of Exporters and Shippers within the Shipping Industry

Experts in shipping activities and operations can confirm the fact that the line between the concepts of exporters and shippers is a very thin one and one that seems to be raising quite a few difficulties on a constant basis. Therefore, let us have a closer look at the exact roles these two entities, whether natural or legal persons, play in the overall equation of the shipping industry.

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pre carriage vs on carriage

Pre-Carriage versus On-Carriage

The shipping industry can be quite confusing at times unless one familiarises themselves with the specialised terminology. However, this can prove to be quite a challenging task, as both non-experts and experts in the field can confirm.

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internal audit

7 Basic Precautions against Cargo Theft

Although often overlooked, the role of local logistics and transportation within the shipping and freight industry is just as important as that of ships and containers. And similarly to all the other industries that use assets and valuables, this industry is associated with a number of risks, such as that of theft, among many others, be it cargo theft, fuel theft, vehicle theft or anything else.

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