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The Calculation of Freight Rates

The costs paid for the delivery of a certain cargo between two destinations are referred to as freight rates. Although the definition is simple, their calculation is not, being based on a number of factors which include the mode of transport, the nature, form, weight and volume of the cargo and the distance between destinations.

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All about EORI numbers

If you’ve been sending shipments overseas, you’ve probably come across what’s called an EORI number. EORI is a short-form for Economic Operator Registration and Identification.

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Tips to save on shipping costs

If you’ve been using our services for some time, you know we’re always trying to work hard to bring down your shipping costs by offering you low rates, pressing the big carriers to give us exclusive rates and sending our loyal clients special offers all the time!

On phone or email, we found ourselves constantly offering advice, giving tips on ways our clients could save on their overall shipping costs. So, we thought we’d take the time to prepare a nice and (hopefully) helpful article on the various ways you could do the same.

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Packing Your Fragile Items

Let's face it no one likes packing. If you are getting ready to move, the process of cleaning and packing can be quite a laborious and time consuming task, especially if you have many fragile items to prepare.

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