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Your Guide to Transporting Dangerous Goods (Part 2)

1. Regulations by types of transport

Air transport

The international regulations on the air transport of dangerous goods are governed by the International Dangerous Goods Regulations issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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Your Guide to Transporting Dangerous Goods (Part 1)

1. General

Dangerous goods must be packed and labelled for shipping in compliance with the regulations in effect.

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All about Freight Forwarding (Part 1)

Freight forwarders ensure the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of cargo delivery and packing as well as handle the paperwork and customs clearance aspects on behalf of exporters, importers or other persons.

General aspects on freight forwarding

Freight forwarders manage the transportation of goods across the globe on behalf of exporters, importers or other persons.

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All about Freight Forwarding (Part 2)

Apart from ensuring the customs clearance of the goods they are hired to move, whether dangerous or not, and handling the associated documentation, freight forwarders are also responsible for overseeing the packing of the goods in question.

General aspects on export packing and packing materials

Freight forwarders have the specialist knowledge required for handling the packing of goods for export.

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The importance of networking and building contact for your export business

There are few businesses for which networking and the impact having a long list of contacts can make for your business than in exports? Whilst having a solid circle of business contacts that you can leverage upon should the need arise and to whom you’re equally adding value regularly should sound like common sense for any business, the truth is many business owners overlook this important element in their marketing mix.

Before we delve into the various ways in which you can build your database lets first look at the reasons why it’s important to have a solid circle of ‘business friends’:

Growing your business – when it comes to growing your businesses, there’s 2 tactics that are usually the most effective – increasing sales and reducing your operational costs.

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