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Slowed-Down Transit by Ship Carriers (Part One)

Posted on Friday, April 24th by Pallet2ship logo

In their book "Under the Sea", Cathy Shimmen and Anna Milbourne introduce the blue whale to kids as the gentle giant of the sea, a creature bigger than all the others creatures ever seen by man which wanders the endless blue waters while singing its lonely and heart-warming songs. Of course, not all adults approve of this description of the marine creature as the biggest living thing on the planet, yet even the most reluctant ones are likely to have a change of heart once they see a 100-foot-long blue whale swimming right by them in the middle of the ocean. That is because the immensity and apparent lack of vulnerability of the gentle giant indeed tend to stir unparalleled feelings in one's heart.

However, it should not be noted that blue whales are much more vulnerable than they appear despite their impressive size. One of the greatest threats to their life is posed by big cargo ships which disturb the waters and the creatures living in them as they carry their imports and exports. Specialists watching this phenomenon more closely subscribe to this statement, emphasizing the fact that the transit by cargo ships should be slowed down in order for whales to have a better chance at surviving out there. That would give them more time to clear the way for cargo ships to pass without causing them any harm as well as increase their chances of survival in the event of a strike.

Several major shipping carriers have joined forces and slowed down the ships they had crossing the coastline of Santa Barbara in an attempt to protect this endangered marine species while also reducing the air pollution levels. Thus, the ships lowered their transit speed from 21 miles per hour to less than 14 miles per hour. This initiative was very much appreciated a few years back when environmental friendliness was still a very hot topic. Unfortunately, such actions have become scarcer, but there is still hope for improvement in this area.

In this context, the fact that some organizations are still making efforts to protect the environment in their endeavors, as proven by various stories presented in the media, is to be appreciated. Australia's Green Army would be one of the many examples available, this organization recruiting people to join their environmental rehabilitation and conservation programs on a regular basis. Fortunately, such actions and this level of commitment to the protection of the environment can also be encountered among individuals. Footballer Matthew Stafford from Detroit Lions is one of the numerous personalities who have tried to set an example. Both he and the other quarterbacks in his team wore green jerseys made out of recycled plastic bottles throughout one of their training sessions in an attempt to increase awareness on the importance of recycling as a way to protect the environment. The above mentioned initiative of six of the most important shipping carriers currently operating on the profile market had a similar impact in this context.

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