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FTA warns there is still a risk of a non-deal Brexit

Posted on Thursday, December 19th by Pallet2ship logo

The Freight Transport Association has warned that the risk of a no-deal Brexit by the end of January 2020 is still very real if the Withdrawal Agreement does not pass through Parliament. This situation would seriously affect the logistics industry and all the sectors within it. 

Pauline Bastidon, FTA's Head of Global and European Policy, believes that the government must concentrate on the post-Brexit details, such as UK's trading agreements with EU, even if the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, would manage to get the Withdrawal Agreement approved by the Parliament, and to "get Brexit done".

She is concerned about the future agreements with EU, and she believes it is crucial to have the negotiation terms in place in order to maintain the efficient trade: "What logistics and supply chain managers need above all is clarity over Brexit's end game. While the short-term priority is to ensure that the UK leaves with a ratified withdrawal agreement, we need answers to the big questions about our future trading arrangements with Europe. Most of the crucial topics related to trade and transport have yet to be negotiated with the EU, in what will be a very short amount of time. Entering these negotiations with a clear picture of what logistics needs will be critical to its success. Minimising frictions, red tape and costs should be at the heart of the negotiations if UK PLC is to continue trading effectively," she says.  

The three aspects that FTA highlighted as the main priorities of the industry are:

"¢ Imports and exports' final agreements in order to help businesses to understand the steps and the processes required.  
"¢ Northern Ireland's situation regarding the potential border and the rules would come along with it. 

"¢ The situation regarding the EU work fleet in the UK's transport industry, as at the moment there are more than 343,000  EU nationals working in the logistics industry.

Bastidon also declared: "Our members are agile and know how to adapt to changing circumstances and new risks and opportunities, but to do so, they will need sufficient advanced notice of the changes that are to come. Ensuring they are involved every step of the way, from the definition of the negotiating mandate to implementation of new rules is the best way of ensuring that the new trade and transport arrangements will work in practice and allow logistics to Keep Britain Trading. As the voice of logistics, we stand ready to do just this."       


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