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British Chambers of Commerce International Trade Summit 2019

Posted on Thursday, October 24th by Pallet2ship logo

The meeting's purpose was to provide businesses guidance and all the resources they need to evolve in terms of both import and export. The event was all about thorough speeches, workshops headlined by successful delegates from both UK and international businesses. Even if at the moment Brexit represents the main concern in terms of trade, the general attitude was to move on with businesses and to take advantage of further opportunities. 

The person who opened the Summit was the General Director of British Chambers of Commerce, Adam Marshall. He has debated the general problem the British businesses face at the moment. He also declared how important it is for everybody to not lose confidence, even if all the evidences point out that Brexit may interfere in the future export businesses.

Regarding the international businesses, Adam Marshall was still confident  that business will smooth the path by discovering new market fields and opportunities: "International businesses are more likely to grow than those who stay in the domestic market. Smooth trading with EU should be government priority, we need to be optimistic but also have clear heads."

The Vice President of Marketing at DHL Express UK, Shannon Diett, as one of the international experts,  brought in the discussion the challenge they may face by importing and exporting goods, now when the situation is quite uncertain.Regarding how businesses can deal with this problem, Shannon declared: "The good news is that there has been a growth in the non-EU market sectors. Look beyond Europe. The more markets you're in, the higher your prospect for growth."

They have also been asked about their vision of how British businesses would be in five years' time, Shannon replayed: "We'll be talking about business and markets and growth again! Business will find a way. There is so much entrepreneurial spirit in the UK, especially in e-commerce, the opportunities out there to look beyond Europe are huge. The prospects for growth can only grow."

A particularly relevant and extremely helpful keynote was given by UK Global Trade Leader at EY UK, Marc Bunch, on the four actions to take in the final lead up to Brexit. These included taking a step back to review with your core team, engaging with the critical people in your supply chain and monitoring where key issues might be, putting a crisis management plan in place and understanding your cash positioning.

DHL Express UK's Head of E-commerce Business Development, Nicole Morton, attended one of the workshops of the day named "How to Achieve Success in Global E-commerce" and the main concept approached was "Delivery is the new black, and fast is the new free."

Studies show that when a customer selects express delivery he also spends more money on that order, so it is necessary for the e-commerce business to have a premium shipping option, and also to consider marking this option as non-chargeable when a certain value is spent.

Source: Dhlguide

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