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How to Ship Cars in Containers Safely

Posted on Wednesday, February 3rd by Pallet2ship logo

The expansion of the marketplace at global level has taken the shipping and freight industry to a whole new level. In this context, buyers and sellers of goods alike aim for the highest efficiency levels in terms of moving their merchandise in order to gain an advantage over their competitors and thus be successful within the industry. This merchandise, which can be shipped anywhere in the world, also includes cars, among many other items. However, prior to the advent of the internet, shipping operations involving used or refurbished cars used to be carried out locally only because of the costs involved with long-distance shipping being very high.

Conventional car shipping

Conventionally, the procedure of shipping cars in containers includes vehicles being sized up and loaded on a wooden racking system, one designed to withstand the weight of multiple cars. Consequently, the costs are lower in the event of multiple cars being shipped. This mode of operation requires the setup of temporary ramps to move the cars from ground level to their particular slot within the shipping container. However, removing the vehicles from the container upon reaching their destination often makes for quite a challenging task. Most often, they are removed using the same kind of temporary ramps or even forklifts. However, the use of such equipment can cause significant damage to the vehicles being unloaded from the container. Therefore, new solutions are being sought after on a constant basis to improve the quality of the shipping services and ensure a maximised protection of the cars being shipped.

Revolutionary car shipping

One of the innovative car shipping solutions that have been introduced on the market recently involves the use of racks and pulleys to drive the cars being shipped into the shipping container and lift them using an integrated hoisting system. The cars are stacked together and fixed into position using secure belts. This solution allows for significant time and resource savings being made, while also simplifying the process of unloading the cars at the port of destination.

As expected, the risks of the cars being damaged upon unloading are also lower with this particular car shipping solution, as revealed by a number of different tests. One of them involved a stack of cars secured using this system being slammed into the wall to test the efficiency of the belts. Moreover, this system provides an effective and safe solution to replace the cumbersome loading and unloading of cars using forklifts and temporary ramps, ensuring that the condition of the vehicles being shipped remains intact at all times during the shipping process. Also, there is no risk that the cars be damaged by any piles of wood that might be attached to the shipping container. Last but not least, this revolutionary system also provides an environmental-friendly solution, eliminating the need to cut down trees to be used for building temporary ramps.

In other words, should you be planning to have your car shipped anywhere in the world safely, this is the kind of car shipping solution you should be looking for.

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